It's Cookie Time!

Sunday, January 31, 2010
Yesterday we got two cases of everyone's favorite - Girl Scout cookies! Yum yum. The selling process is different this year in San Diego, we actually get the boxes to sell, instead of taking orders. Here's my pretty Girl Scout all ready to go sell! (For the record, she chose her own clothes today, and did her own hair)

Thank goodness we have a wagon. Lugging around all the boxes without one could be quite interesting. Here is our cookie selling setup:

Here's our little Girl Scout in training. She has quite a few things to work on before being ready, such as making sure to only ring the doorbell once, not screaming at the top of her lungs if her sister gets to the doorbell first, not everyone who buys cookies from you will offer you one, only your close neighbors, so don't ask everyone if you can have one, and've gotta face the other direction when you're waiting for people to open the door :).

Off we go to the next house! We sold all but 2 boxes already! Don't worry though, we can pick up more this week, so be sure to submit your order quickly!

A new subject!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010
The girls and I had the pleasure of taking care of baby Carleigh while her Mommy took big Sis to the doctor. SO...I could not let her leave my house without a couple of pictures!

Here she is giving me the "Hey, my Mommy does this to me all the time" look:

Here she is with "Big Kid" Brooke, who was oh so proud to have someone smaller than her around:

And, this is the "Baaack away from me with that camera lady, or I'm gonna cry" look:

Ok, I'm done, let's play now! Thanks Carleigh, for being such a perfect little angel, and for helping me to fill another blog post!

One last look!

Friday, January 29, 2010
Sydney is oh so close to losing two more teeth! Yikes! I figured we better capture one last look at some of those baby teeth that she still has.

Look at that top tooth, just barely hanging there...oooh, it gives me the willies!!

Dishes Oh Dishes!

Thursday, January 28, 2010
How does this happen every day? I sware I was JUST all caught up yesterday, now look at my sink. So sad :(

It's Fishy Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
We love Wednesdays! Brooke gets to go have fun with all of her buddies at preschool (the two-year old "Mom's Day Out" class), and Mom gets 2 1/2 hours to herself :). It's such a fun day, she loves going to fishy class, and is so cute when I pick her up, she runs and jumps in my arms. Unfortunately today we didn't realize she was getting sick, we should have skipped class...whoops!

But, here's a picture of the cutie all ready to go this morning:

Her giant Dora "pack pack":

This is what you call a "Ringraf"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Sydney's weekly writing assignment was: What if you saw an animal that no one had ever seen before? Write and describe it. Make up a name for it and draw a picture of it.

Here's her story (with my grammar fixes):
I saw this animal, it's name is Ringraf (part rhino, part giraffe) and it eats smaller animals than it. It has very sharp teeth. It is grey and yellow and tried to eat me. It lives in Africa but likes the Rainforest. I saw it in Africa. When it tried to eat me I hid behind a bush.

Here is her drawing of the Ringraf:

And here is her actual writing:

We Love Sonshine Kids!

Monday, January 25, 2010
At the end of our weekly Sonshine Kids class, all the kids sit at the table for snack, and say a little prayer. It is just the sweetest darn thing. I had to capture a video today to share.

Here's a picture of half of the class at the table, ready for snack. The Mommies go to the other side of the room to talk with the teacher while the kids eat on their own with the other teacher.

Finally a sunny day!

Sunday, January 24, 2010
The girls couldn't wait to get out and play after a solid week of rain. Yesterday they did sidewalk chalk outside with Daddy. Sydney drew a giant person:

Brooke colored in a train that Daddy drew:

And, Jason drew a giant pig! (Brooke is obsessed with piggies these days, so we see them in our drawings quite often)

This is what's called a "Ringraff"...I think that will have to be a new posting all in itself, but this is Jason's interpretation of a Sydney creation:

Doing our (small) part

Saturday, January 23, 2010
Wow, I'm doing this early! I'm up and ready for the gym, with a little time to spare, what else would I do but post about our new cool lunchbox? I had been feeling really guilty about the waste of all of the sandwich baggies I used in Sydney's lunch & snack every day. I wanted to invest in the re-usable bags, but didn't know where to start. Over Christmas we came across a display at the mall with all of the "Green" lunch supplies, and found this oh so cool "Go Green" lunchbox. It's big, so we put both our snack and lunch in one box, and there is no trash! I never know when Sydney will eat, or what she'll pick at snack vs. lunch, so this way it doesn't matter - she can eat whatever she wants, when she wants, and I know she's getting her nutrition at school.

Take a peek!

The pretty girly outside:

And, the nicely organized inside! It has a top that snaps on securely so none of the food loses it's spot. And, it has a cute little dry-erase board where I can leave her love notes each day. So much fun. She was so excited.

Stayin' in my jammies today!

Friday, January 22, 2010
After 5 straight days of rain, and getting soaked taking my sister to school, I am done getting dressed every. Today, I am staying in my jammies! Everyone at school (the adults anyway) were SO jealous!!

If anyone asks why I'm in my's the look they'll get:

I blame Tricia...

Thursday, January 21, 2010
So here is my first BLOG post! It is Tricia's fault that I started this. She is doing a picture per day on her blog for the year, and as I was helping her get her colors set up, I got antsy about doing my own blog posts. I think I will regret starting. SO...I'm not going to commit to posting every day, but we'll see what happens.

I'll start with my all-time favorite pictures of my girls. I love it. I have it as a big canvas in my house, and it makes me smile every day. It's my girls, all natural, just being happy and being themselves. They were so little, they are growing way too fast, so it's fun to look back.

OH, and this template is nowhere near perfect, it needs so many changes. But, the theme is great, it's my favorite drink, and so I will enjoy looking at it as I post. I will be spending way too much time making it just how I want it though, which is why I will end up regretting doing this whole blogging thing. It's fun though, it's one of those evil fun things, and now I'm stuck...Thanks Tricia!!
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