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Friday, June 11, 2010
Wednesday was Brooke's last day of Fishy class. I have been wanting to hang out and spy all year, but never gave up my free time to do it, so I decided I better stay on the last day. The kids line up to walk to the playground and I keep hearing about how cute it is. I just had to see for myself.

So, thanks to my super huge lens, I was able to be across the grass at the other side of the school, behind a fence and some bushes...Brooke had no clue I was there, whew!

Here they go! Cutest darn thing...they sing fishy songs as they walk :)

They're getting closer! Gracie actually spotted me, and pointed, but luckily Brooke didn't catch on...shhh...

Brooke headed straight for the swings, and waited patiently for help getting up.

Then, she had a great time! It was so fun to see how she is without me around. She did great!

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