My big preschool girl

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Today was an exciting day for Brooke, she started preschool! She's in the exact same classrom that Sydney was in at age 3, it's so cool.

It was a busy morning, starting with lots of posing for home, in the tree, outside the gate, and outside of her classroom. She was quite the trooper!

Just one more close one before we go in :)

She walked right into her classroom, and sat right down on the carpet when her teacher asked her to.

Then, it was time to line up to go out and play!

She ran right out and hopped on the bouncy thingy.

And then, of course, right up the ladder thing that makes Mommy nervous :/

Last night I was peeking at some of the pictures from Sydney's first day at preschool, it is fun to look back. Of course, I wish I was better at taking them back then, but we can't change that now!

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