Girl Scouts Gone Crazy!

Monday, January 31, 2011
Sydney's troop is a bunch of cookie selling maniacs this year!  We started with an initial order of 760 boxes.  My entry way was full of cookie boxes!

So, my crew helped me get them all sorted out, and we delivered them all to the troop on Saturday.  Sunday was the big sale kickoff...and 6 of our nine girls sold out of cookies!!  I have submitted another order of 360 boxes to pick up tomorrow...GO troop 8633!  (You're keeping me busy!)

Mighty Mites!

Sunday, January 30, 2011
Brooke is an official soccer player, and she loves it!  She's in a class of 3 year olds - they do 30 minutes of soccer drills, and then a 30 minute scrimmage (aka organized chaos!).

First they stretch...

And then come the classic jumping jacks.  I just love her form...

She is so good at controlling the ball, and kicking it in the goal!

And, she's also very good at keeping close tabs on her buddy Charlotte :)

We will just hold off on discussing the scrimmage part for now, I'm sure she'll get her foot in there one of these weeks :).


Saturday, January 29, 2011
A napping little princess.  I had to wake her from nap to go get her big sis from school.  She always wakes up when I open the door, but this time she just flopped to her back and passed right back out.  So, of course, I ran to grab the camera, then click...awake!


Friday, January 28, 2011
Got my lens back from the Canon repair center yesterday, so we went outside to test it a bit.  Jason was working hard with Syd on practicing her softball, so I used him as a guinea pig.  He doesn't get to get featured here often, so here we go!

And, I notice things are nice and sharp with adult subjects who aren't in constant motion like my littler people.  Look at all that grey stubble!

The other side of the cute

Thursday, January 27, 2011
In recent days I've often wondered where the phrase "terrible twos" came from...really, they are just a warm up for the threes.  Age three is so fun, so cute, so innocent, and sometimes just hilarious.  BUT, unfortunately we also get lots of terribleness.  I thought I'd share that side today, instead of all the constant cuteness. 

This was a couple of weeks ago, we all went to get Sydney from school.  All was well, until we asked for something horrible, like, keep your shoes on while we're walking...can you imagine the mean parents we are?  Anyway, we didn't have time to wait for little miss stubborn, so Daddy carried her out...screaming....

So, Brookie and I...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Not that we're all that exciting, but I promised pictures of what Brooke and I did while the big kids skied and snow boarded.  You have to be 4 to go into the ski school, so Brooke is out until next year.  I had planned to go watch Sydney for a little bit, and then take Brooke off for some tubing fun, but she ended up having so much fun right where we were that we threw that idea out!

So when we first got there, Jason took Sydney out just to get comfortable to the feel of the skis.  Brooke was so enthused, she just followed right along.  It was really, really cute.

But then, Sydney went off into her class, and Daddy went up the mountain for a few runs, so we had to make our own fun.  I wasn't quite ready to leave, had to grab some pictures of Syd first. 

So, while we waited, Brooke discovered a perfect little snow (ice) hill to play on.  She found the perfect way to climb up, and slide down.  And she did it over, and over, and over....

So, we were set!  No need to spend big bucks on tubing.  She had a blast right here for free.  And, I got to watch my big girl do awesome. Yay!

A great thing to learn

Sunday, January 23, 2011
Sydney's class learned how to give compliments! :)  I thought it was a super cute idea.  I also thought it was cool that each child delivered one compliment to someone, and Sydney received two. 

My ski star

Friday, January 21, 2011
We made a super quick visit up to Big Bear on Thursday, to celebrate Jason's Birthday (he snowboards for free on his Birthday), and for Sydney to take a stab at skiing.  She went briefly when she was 3, so this pretty much counts as her first time skiing.  We were so excited to see how well she did, she picked it up in no time, and by the afternoon was riding the ski lift up, and skiing right on back down.  She didn't even fall getting off the lift once! 

The pictures don't really do it justice, but here she is!  She was in "Little Bear School", and they started with one ski on, scooting down a little hill...

She moved right on into the "pizza", making her way down the hill within the school area...

And then, onto the hoops! She navigated right through, no problem...

So, onto the lift she went!  It was a little bit scary watching my baby go way up there without me!

And there she goes, with her class, down the mountain...

So, Sydney and Jason had a fabulous day.  Jason got to do a ton of rides on a nice quiet mountain, in between watching Sydney and going down the runs with her.  When she wasn't in class she and Daddy did a ton more runs, having a blast each time.  Sydney didn't want to stop, she cried when it was time to leave :(.  We promised we would go back again soon. 
While those two big kids were having a blast, Brooke and I had some fun of our own!  More on that tomorrow...

My computer buddy

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Jewel likes to come out late at night, after the crazy children have been put to bed, when she finally gets some nice quiet Momma time.  That also happens to be the time when I get most of my computer work done.  Sooo...she plops her head right down on the edge of my laptop so that I have no choice but to pay attention to her.  I alternate types & edits with pets & purrs.

First real school project

Monday, January 17, 2011
Sydney was assigned her first real school project - to make a family tree. The assignment was sent home before the holiday break.  We had fun gathering the information, collecting pictures, and putting together a design for her tree.  She worked real hard with Daddy to make a beautiful final project.

Half of her grade was the tree poster board, the other half was a presentation to her class.  They drew sticks with names on them to decide who got to choose their presentation spot first.  The presentations span over 8 school days...Sydney's name was drawn first...she chose to go...FIRST!  Oh my silly child (I was the type of kid who would have chosen to go LAST!  Or, at least day 2 so I could have watched how other kids did it...oh well)...we had to cram to prepare for the presentation!  She brought home a cute little reminder for herself:

We practiced, and she did a great job...whew!  Big project number 1 complete!

Oh, and...we have a couple of interesting facts to share with you!  Sydney's Great Grandpa Abbott was the world's fastest runner for his time.  The picture we used on the tree is a picture of the actual postage stamp that his picture was on.  He was going to compete in the Olympics, but ended up hurting his knee and couldn't compete.  The stamp was still issued though - very cool!  Also, on Sydney's Great Grandpa Rose's side, his ancestors lived in the Whaley House in Old Town San Diego.  She had some very cool things to share with her class!  She also got to talk about her other side of the family, who lives in Mississippi, and how she likes to go there to visit.

Munchin' Apples

Sunday, January 16, 2011
It started as some fun outside, playing and practicing softball.  Then Sydney wanted an apple (of course you know who had to have one also).  So then we discovered that Brooke has a really interesting pattern of apple eating...

Sydney wanted to join in on the fun, and discovered she could make a face on her apple:

And then they both decided to lounge with Daddy who was taking a sneaky siesta while we played outside:

And then Mommy decided to keep sneaking pictures...such pretty girls I have!


Thursday, January 13, 2011
Brooke has 2 years before she can even play softball, 3 years before she will be on a team that tries to hit a coach pitch vs. off of a tee...I think she'll be ready!  She is already hitting the ball from a pitch, and she's knocking it all the way across the cul-de-sac.

Check out the determination on that face!

She's awfully cute when she's waiting too :)

Catchin' Pop Flies

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
We were just a little surprised when softball try-outs last weekend had pop flies (picture glove in front of the face with a big grimace as the ball came at Syd).  SO, she and Daddy did a little practice outside the other day.  She's getting the hang of it!

Sydney took this shot

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
I thought she did an amazing job!  She got the focus point right on Brooke's eye and centered it just right...she may just be ready for her own real camera!

Monday dance day

Monday, January 10, 2011
Brooke has tiny tot dance class on Monday mornings.  Today she got to wear her snazzy new tutu that Grandma got her for Christmas.  She felt so very pretty. 

It's that time again!

Sunday, January 9, 2011
The American Girl Fashion show!

Today were auditions for the annual American Girl fashion show.  Sydney was SO excited...she asked me all morning long if it was time to go yet.  Thankfully, the time finally came.  Sydney had to do a bit of work on Natalie's hair, it hadn't been brushed in quite a while...poor Natalie.

She searched through the American Girl book until she found the perfect hairstyles, and Mommy managed to do a fairly decent job...whew!

Here the girls are, all dressed and ready to go!  We owe thanks for the outfit to our wonderful Aunt Kathie and Uncle Phil...they made a PERFECT choice!  (And only one other girl was wearing it, whew!  She just happened to be the one right before Syd in line, go figure).  Sydney is into choosing her own spots and poses for photos, it's just so cute. 

So, the auditions are done, Syd says she did fabulous, now we wait to find out if she was selected.  There were about 200 girls auditioning for 100 spots.  I tried to give a little bit of a pity story by reminding them that she made it through all the rehearsals last year, and then had a 104 fever the day of the show.  They seemed a little bit sorry for us in the midst of their running around, so we'll see!

My sweet girls

Sunday, January 2, 2011
You would think it'd be pretty easy to get a few simple pictures of two adorable girls...but oh no, it is so unbelievably hard and frustrating.  We set out on a mission last week to get some good pictures of the girls.  We have a family one that we love, and want to get a canvas print made, but need others (of just the kids) to go with it.  So, we trekked back up to Temecula to the same spot where we got the family shot.  We passed the candy shop across the street on the walk to the spot, so we bribed the kids with candy for good cooperative posing.  We sat them in just the right spot, and the silliness began.  We got the most goofy, un-natural smiles, tickles back and forth...oh man, we almost lost it and gave up several times.  BUT, we had driven all this way, we were determined to get the perfect shots!  In the end, once I got home and looked at all of the perfect photos, I have to say it was all worth it.  They are just SO darn cute.  I love so many of these shots...making the perfect canvas combo is hard!

One last holiday shot

Saturday, January 1, 2011
Christmas is over, all the decorations need to come down tomorrow :(. I had to grab one last shot, I love the way the tree lights look far in the distance.  And, this is one of the first shots from my NEW camera!  Woo hoo, I love my new camera so far :) :) :)

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