Lots of cuteness

Thursday, March 31, 2011
Last week we were outside of the batting cages for Sydney's team practice.  Miss Brooke found this stone brick, stood on it, and proceeded to do her tap dance (they've been practicing a lot in class for their big performances coming up in June).  She practiced the toe tap...

And then busted out the boogie woogie!  I have to say, Brooke doing the boogie woogie is one of the cutest things in the whole world.  She is SO good at it, everyone comments during class...she has it down pat.  I will have to get some boogie woogie video to share.

And then, after the dance practice was done, she hung out with the big girls who were tree climbing while not in the cages...

More from Boomer's

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
The girls LOVED this ride that zipped up & down, we enjoyed lots of screams and laughter.

She asked to do her homework in the tree...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Sydney is obsessed with being in our neighbor's tree.  She wants to be up there every chance she gets.  So, yesterday she said she'd do her homework up there if we let her go seemed like it was worth a shot.  And, sure enough, she finished the entire week's worth of math in one sitting up there!  Why does it take hours when she's sitting at the kitchen table?!

The Purple Piranhas

Saturday, March 26, 2011
Today was picture day for the Purple Piranhas softball team.  I snuck in right behind the "official" photographers...shhh :).  The girls did a lovely job of smiling beautifully for the camera...

But of course they did an even better job of acting silly...

And then they were thrilled to be able to run around after waiting around for so long! 

God's creatures

Brooke is very much into being nice to little creatures these days..."Mom, we can't squoosh that ant, he is one of God's creatures!"  I am trying to be supportive, as she is learning these amazing things at preschool...but...I am not a fan of all of God's creations, especially bugs!

This is actually Sydney in this picture.  She was waiting outside for her ride to school, and came across "wormy" who she wanted to keep.  Eek!  When we came home after school, poor wormy had been squished by someone.  Brooke was very upset, and proceeded to pick him up with her bare hands and go put him somewhere safer.  Ewwww!  Lots of soap & water, lots of soap & water. 

Remembering poor wormy:

Aztec Spirit

Thursday, March 24, 2011
Today was SDSU spirit day at Sydney's school, since the Aztecs were in the sweet 16 for the first time ever.  The town has been quite excited.  She has a special Aztec connection who got her a snazzy little t-shirt, so she was set for the day. 

Of course, we must note that even the earrings were spirited...

Unfortunately, the Aztecs didn't win today, but they gave it a good shot, it was SO close!

Fun over the weekend

Monday, March 21, 2011
We went up to Irvine to visit our buddies, and had some fun at Boomer's.  Brooke got to ride a train...and a cute little boy asked to sit next to her, and then chatted her ear off :)

Those leprechauns are at it again!

Thursday, March 17, 2011
They snuck in our house and turned our milk and eggs green again!  The eggs were reeeeeeally green this year....those leprechauns should move more slowly when sticking the green into the eggs.

Sydney was really into the green spirit this year, finding all the green to wear that she could.  And, don't you just love how she poses for me now?

Brooke wore green today too.  She also decided to be very helpful and sunscreen herself while I did Sydney's hair...thanks Brooke!  I only had my cellphone at the moment, but here she is all greasy and protected!

Doing Homework Together...Awww!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Sydney has a huge, giant, enormous school project due right after Spring Break.  She has to read 4 books by the same author, write a 1 page summary of each book, compare & contrast all the books, write about the author, and create a cover for the big report.  We are trying to make good progress so that we don't spend the entire Spring Break writing!  So, today she worked on making her project cover.  Miss Brooke was enthused with the big construction paper, glue, scissors, and permanent, she made one too.  It was rather cute. Here they are working together (Sydney looks so excited, doesn't she?)

Sydney's final product...

And, of course, Brooke's...

More from the fashion show

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
So one of the biggest rules during the fashion show, sent down from American Girl, was NO photography.  So sad for me.  They did say we could send the girls with their own disposable cameras, so of course we did that, and I coached Sydney on what to get.

Before I get to Sydney's pictures though...I snuck in just one single picture (shhhh!) during the actual show on my cellphone.  Not good quality, but at least we can see my girl on the stage!  She did so good!

Now, for Sydney's pictures.  I told her what I really wanted, was a picture of her in the outfit she wore.  We practiced how to take a picture of herself...and I was SO pleased with how she did!  Is she cute, or what?!

(Side note on the hair...omg, the hair!)  I promise I sent her in perfectly neat, beautiful pigtails.  But, I guess this is what you get from locking a 7 year old up in a roomful of other 7'ish year olds, for close to 5 hours...not nice pigtails!  I think they cleaned her up just a tiny bit for her actual walk on stage.  Dangit, I should've volunteered back stage!

Back to her pictures...some of her other buddies who also had cameras :)

The TV where they watched the actual show, while they were back stage:

And, a cute group shot!  Obviously, Sydney didn't take that one ;).

So, overall it was a great experience for Sydney.  She had a blast, and wants to do it again.  We may have to be sneaky when the event arises next year!

My big girl on a big stage

Friday, March 11, 2011
Sunday is Sydney's American Girl fashion show performance.  Tonight was a mandatory rehearsal at the theatre.  The show is being held in the Qualcomm theatre, so it was kind of cool for me to get to walk back on my old stomping grounds. 

Sydney is super excited about the show.  She got to sit in the front seat of the car on the way there (Jason filled the back up with bicycle).  She pulled down the visor, and just stared at herself in the mirror, the ENTIRE drive.  She smiled, she tilted her head and smiled, she turned to look at her earrings, and danced to the music.  I wish I could have video taped her, she was so darn cute and funny. 

So, we get checked in for rehearsal, and it took SO darn long, so darn boring waiting.  She still loved every moment of it.  She got to talk and giggle with the other girls while she waited.  So since it took SO long, and was SO slow, they ran out of time.  They had 2 minutes to spare for Sydney's entire group to rehearse.  She was on stage for 30 seconds...arg.  No cameras are allowed during the real show, so this was my one chance for pictures, and they give me 30 seconds.  No costumes yet!  I'm sending a disposal camera with her Sunday, lets hope she gets something good!

So, here's my big girl practicing her walk out onto the big stage! 

And then, here is her group, walking back off stage.  She did a little excited skip on her way out...not supposed to do that, I don't one else did that...she couldn't help herself :).

Jump Sydney Jump!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
Oh my, it's been a long, long, long week.  Sydney has been sick for a full week!  And, now it's Brooke's turn!  So, we haven't been taking many pictures.  But, I did bring my camera out on the night of the derby car race, and when Sydney is on Tylenol she's back to her normal full-of-energy self.  We had finished dinner, and she wanted to see if she could jump and touch the little strings having off of the decoration.  And, she could!

So, SO, so much fun

Monday, March 7, 2011
Last Friday night was the big Girl Scout Pinewood derby car race.  Sydney had been sick all day, but it just seemed like too much effort went into building her car to stay home and miss the big event.  So, we drugged her up, and kept her far away from all the other people at the event. 

Silverlicious had been turned in a week prior to the event, so it was exciting to show up and see her lined up with all of the competition.  Here she is, one of 54 cars ready to start racing...

Sydney spied the trophy table right off the bat, and was pretty sure she was going to win one.  So, she asked me to take a picture.  Mommy wasn't so sure about how well our car would do.  I knew Jason and Sydney did a great job building their car, but there sure were a lot of fancy and speedy looking cars out there!

We were so excited for Silverlicious' first race.  There she is lined up, lane 3 (counting from the right).  I think we all had butterflies in our tummies waiting to see how she was going to do! 

And, so we waited, and watched, and she WON the first race!!  Yahoo!  Go Silverlicious!  Here she is coming into the finish...just barely ahead of car #2...whew!  (Darn the people that kept standing up in front of me!)

And then, race 2...she came in just baaaarely 2nd...oh so close!

Race 3 was another close race...but Silver came in 2nd again, ooooh, so close once again!

Thee 4th and final race was a slam dunk Silverlicious win...we're starting to feel like we may have a chance at this!  So exciting.  Here she is, coming through the final gate, no competition in sight ;).

So then came the waiting period.  Technical difficulties arose, and so we waited a long hour to find out if we we made it into the top 16 cars for the semi-final races.  We knew that only a few cars had won more than 2 races, so we figured we stood a good chance. 

While we waited, we learned that Sydney had won a certification for the "Most Dazzling Car"...that was cool.  She earned a nice patch also.

So then, after much anticipation, we got the results, and Silverlicious had placed in the top 16!  We were ready to watch her next set of 4 races. 

So here we go again...race 1, WIN!

Race 2...we got 1st again. 

Race 3...SO darn close, once again, but we got 2nd.

And, once again, race 4, second place.  So, again Silverlicious won 2 of the 4 races, and came in 2nd the other two.  Will this be enough to make it into the top 6 cars for the finals?  We were thinking so, since we had kept stats at this point, and only one car won 3 races, and 4 won 2.  There were other factors in determining the placing, but the odds seemed in our favor to make it to the final round.

And, sure enough...onto the finals!  So, so, exciting.  Nevermind that it was 8:30 pm at this time, with one sick kid, and one 3 year old who hadn't napped, who was running on cookie energy.  It's ok...we can make it! 

I guess I ran out of picture-taking energy for the finals though, not too many pictures saved.  But, I did get the one race where Silver came in 1st.  She ended up winning 1 of 4 races, but there was only one car that won 2, and 4 that won one. 

So, all the races are done, and we're waiting to see if we've earned a trophy.  The top 4 cars got trophies.  We got a bit excited when they announced 4th place, because Syd had beaten that car, and it won zero races.  It seemed as though there was hope for a higher place. 

But, this is where the letdown came...Silverlicious came in 5th place...just one below trophy status :(.  Sydney was very bummed.  Jason was sure there was an error in the calculations.  But, the standings go on how many races won, overall speed, and then placing if you didn't get 1st.  I think we got 4th place in one race, and that hit us pretty hard in the standings. 

The good news is, this was our first year racing, the cars that placed are repeat entries.  SO, my kids are already planning and plotting and gearing up for next year.  They have big plans for not only having the fastest car, but also the most stylish.  It should be fun!

Congrats Syd, Jason, and Silverlicious on a very successful first year of pinewood derby racing!!


Saturday, March 5, 2011
Sydney is an absolute medicine wuss!  She hates taking it, even the yummy bubble gum stuff that Brooke begs for.  She's had a fever of 103 for the last 3 days, and each and every time we try to take the medicine it's a big battle.  Look at her pathetic little face waiting in anticipation...

We do our best to drown out the taste of the medicine with juice...

After a long and drawn out battle, she takes it...whew!

Photographed a bunny today

Thursday, March 3, 2011
An adorable, almost 2 year old bunny.  I had the pleasure of taking pictures of her when she was just brand new itty bitty tiny, and now she's turning two!  Crazy.  The family calls her their little bunny, because when her first two bottom teeth came in she smiled and looked just like a cute little bunny. 

So, her two year old birthday party is bunny themed, and the need pictures.  And she has the cutest bunny boots! 

She is our little princess

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
And, she is very much into dressing like a princess these days...

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