Loads of fun at the fair!

Monday, June 27, 2011
After Brooke's big fair performance, we got to go have fun, and to the kids, that meant lots & lots of rides! Brooke spotted the boats right off the bat, and had to drive those...

Syd headed straight (WAY) up for the big slide:

Brooke found a slide she was allowed to go on, and did not hesitate going up with her sis...

She reached the top, took a peek over to see what she was facing...

And then decided to come right back down the stairs :)

Sydney and Grandma rode the giant ferris wheel!

That's them, way up there, in box number 2!

Brooke and Sammy found their own size ferris wheel, and giggled through every minute of it :)

All the girls like the swings...

Then, we gave the bumper cars a shot.  Brooke was not pleased with the numerous cars in her way, preventing her from making any movement.

But Sydney did a pretty good job of weaving through the crowd.

The little girls decided to go drive some big trucks instead...

And, a canoe as well.

Sydney snuck in one last hike up the giant big kid slide:

And that was it for the Kiddie Land portion of our fair day.  Sydney had passed the "big kid" area on the way in, and was pleading to do a big roller coaster.  So, we saved enough tickets for one last ride...

I'm not so sure she enjoyed it...

Her tummy hurt after that.  But, she says it was fun!  And, that was our day at the fair...I'm sure we'll explore it again next year.

One last look at the Boogie Woogie queen

Sunday, June 26, 2011
The week before last was busy, busy, busy with Brooke's dance activities! She was such a little ham in her dance outfit, and enjoyed EVERY minute.

On Tuesday evening, they had dress rehearsal, but the girls had to watch the entire show up until it was their turn.  Thankfully, they were very interested in the other performers!

Wednesday and Thursday evening were performances at the theatre, or at "the stage" as Brooke called it.  Before the show, and during intermission they showed pictures from throughout the dance year.  I snuck a picture of my cutie up on the big screen with one of her best buddies.

I snuck my camera out just once more when they came back out on stage at the end for the final bow.  The girls looked so darn cute up there mixed in with all the bigger kids!  (My girl is #3 from the left)

The finale of our dance week was on Friday, at the Del Mar Fair.  That was a lot of fun, and then we got to have some fun at the fair after!  Here is my cute girl doing her famous boogie woogie move:

And, all the cuties that performed with us at the fair...

Whew, what a fun week!  We will miss our boogie woogie teddy bear dance class, for sure.

Day 4...

Thursday, June 23, 2011
Day 1, she was eager to go check out her new swimming class, but after two dunks and attempted swims, she decided it was no fun, wanted Mommy, wanted to be ALL DONE.

Day 2, she ran upstairs and locked her door when it was time to go to swim.  It took a LOT of work to get her there.  She cried and begged, but then she started to get it as the class went on.

Day 3, she was eager to go to swim, did awesome.  Daddy took her to the pool when he got home from work and she swam over & over, did not want to stop.

Day 4...she swam across the pool completely by herself!

She's so helpful

Monday, June 20, 2011
Brooke has taken on the task of being in charge of Jewel's cat food.  She makes sure the bowl is full, completely full, all the time.  I try to explain that our one little cat doesn't need the entire bowl full, but it just isn't an option for the little determined cat feeder.  Once we get past the point of me having to sweet up each time she feeds her, it will definitely actually be helpful...

Summer's Here!

Sunday, June 19, 2011
The girls have been out of school for 6 days, and although our first week of was completely filled with dance recital performances, we also made time for some indoor picnic lunches...

A few quick backyard splashes...

And, a fun day at the fair...

More pictures to come from the fun dance week, as well as the day at the fair, stay tuned as I weed my way through billions of pictures after having no computer all week!

Praying is hard work

Saturday, June 18, 2011
My computer is back, everything works, yay!
Brooke had her preschool promotion a couple of weeks ago.  They kids all went into the chapel and sang a few adorable songs for us.  Brooke is so cute when she prays, she looks like she's working really, really hard....making extra sure her message gets through!  Here she is with the other preschool cuties:

My computer is out of commission

Thursday, June 16, 2011
WHAHHH!  Boo hoo!  I have lots of pictures piled up that I can't do anything with :(.  But, Jason is working on fixing her, hopefully she will be good as new soon (hope, hope, hope).

In the meantime, here's another video of Miss Boogie Woogie champ, the first official show night, where she was moved "center stage" :).  My friend illegally captured this on his iphone...shhhh....

(She's the one 5 in from the right)

We have our third and final show tomorrow, at the fair, should be fun!

Sister Love

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
They love each other so much.  Big sister is so proud of little sister.  Whenever we're up at the school, she takes such good care of her, and shows her off to all her friends. 

Today was the end of year party for Sydney's class.  They wore green and called themselves the "Green Goblins" for their big dodgeball tournament.  Brooke and I stayed at school to help out and watch the big event.  Of course, Syd insisted Brooke walk along with the class...

She fits right in (except she forgot to wear green).

We had fun watching the class play, and Syd's class won both of their games, go green!  But most importantly, after the game we helped serve root beer floats to the class, and Miss Brooke was oh so excited that there was one cup left just for her...her first root beer float!  She's thinking maybe we should serve these at her next Birthday party ;).

My little Mexican girl

Saturday, June 4, 2011
Sydney did a project on Mexico for International Day at school.  They had a full day of presentations and sharing food from various countries.  Here she is dressed for the day, with her Sombrero, and her chips for the guacamole we made together.  I heard from another Mom that she told friends that she was part Mexican, that's why she chose that country (not true).  Her partner's father was from Mexico, and she had some very cool authentic items to share.  Syd must've been feeling a little jealous, so she gave her self a few Mexican genes.

Fresh, homemade lemonade

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Sometimes Sydney comes up with ideas, out of nowhere, and does not let them rest until they are complete.  This weekend the idea was to make lemonade.  She knows our neighbor has a lemonade tree, and so she put together her own special recipe:

So when we saw our neighbor out front, Sydney and Jason went and politely asked for a few lemons.  Little did they realize how many lemons they would be given!

And, these lemons were not your average lemons, they were really, really BIG lemons!

Sydney declared this one the biggest:

Along with big lemons, apparently comes very thick skin, which means lots of work to squeeze!  Jason worked hard to get a cup of lemon juice out of those lemons.

And, that is where Sydney lost a bit of her patience.  She joined her sister for some water painting while Daddy slaved away (little sister has been slightly obsessed with water painting lately).

But then, she was happy to join back in when the lemonade was ready!  She sipped fresh lemonade while reading her book.

We still have a counter full of nice, fresh, HUGE lemons...if anyone needs any!
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