Little Ballerina

Thursday, September 29, 2011
Brooke is in adorable little ballet class, for ages 3-5.  It doesn't get much cuter...

She loves this class, since 3 of her best buddies are in it with her.  She takes it very seriously which is fun for me because her big sister was always in it for the social aspect.

The last class of each month is parent watch and take picture day, so that's what I did!  Good job Brooke!

Brooke and her buddies

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Brooke is lucky to have so many great friends.  All of these girls have big sisters the same age as Sydney, so we get to see them often.  Tuesday is dance class, and after class we all hang out at the park until it's time to pick up the big kids.  I had a rare moment of them all being in the same spot at the same time, had to capture it!

More from our Coronado mini trip

Can you believe we saw Elvis?

Sydney preferred the cow...

Good morning!

Sunday, September 25, 2011
Our weekday school mornings are very predictable these days.  I set my alarm for 7am, get up and get lunches packed, sip a cup of coffee and check email, then go upstairs to wake up Sydney at 7:30.  95% of the time I find her in her room like this:

She knows that once I know she's awake she'll have to start getting ready, so she lays quietly to sneak her morning reading in.  So then Syd comes downstairs for breakfast, and gets ready.  I wait as long as possible for the little person, but almost always have to wake her up at 8. 

I go into her room, and the first question I get is "Did I sleep the longest?"  For some reason she takes pride in being the last one awake.  The answer is always yes, and then I get the big grin:

Then she goes to the potty, and starts to tell me how much she loves me.  Friday morning she said she "loves me 1000", and then she "loves me to the roof!", ooh, and she even loves me "as tall as Daddy."  I was feeling very loved on Friday :).

More from our Coronado trip...treats!

Friday, September 23, 2011
The food & treats were a big part of our trip...for Sydney anyway. I can tell by the fact that she specifically listed out all of the treats she got to get the two times she wrote about her vacation. In her letter to Daddy (on a BBQ restaurant napkin):

(Excuse her lazy out of practice Summer spelling ;)

And her first back to school writing assignment about her Summer (also a bad quality cell phone picture):

So we went to the Chocolate factory one night, and Sydney insisted on this carmel apple...$8 carmel apple.  She HAD to have it.  So, we got it, and can you believe all she wanted was the dumb gummy worm?!
Brooke made the smarter choice...white chocolate filled with M&M's (and only $3)...mmmm....

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