Sunday, November 27, 2011
Sydney was so excited about this.  She even told random strangers, "I get to take home the class Hermit Crab over Thanksgiving!  That means I get him for TEN days." 

So, claw came home with her about 9 days ago, she promptly set up his food and water, and got him all situated, and we all watched. 

He is very exciting.  He spends 99% of his time like this:

There he is, in the left front corner.  Just a big lump of shell.
Once a day we pick him up to make sure he's alive.  A creepy crawly little guy comes out and takes a peek at us.

And, usually he'll go take a bite or two of his food, then dump the rest, and crawl back into his corner.  Such an exciting pet.

The champs!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
I was a shameful photographer last big girl's soccer team won the championship for the entire division, and my camera was nowhere to be seen.  Well, that is a bit of a was in the trunk, with the flash nowhere to be seen.  I attempted a quick snap with my cellphone, but all I got was a big blur of blue mush. 

But, Audrey's Mom to the rescue...we have a team championship picture...WHEW!

And yes, they all have blue hair.  We blue-flame'd 'em up before the big game :).

Saturday, November 19, 2011
It was a long day.  And, it was a very cold day!

It started at 8:30 am with our first soccer game, which we blasted through with a score of 6-0.  Our second game was at 12:30, and gave us a bit more of a challenge, but ended with a score of 6-3 (us).  The last two games...oh my...the last two games were SO exciting!  Both games ended in a tie, and came down to a tie breaker shoot off.  Our Blue Flames pulled it off, and won first place! 

It was a high-five kinda day :)

My cute pilgrim

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Focusing hard on her prayer before digging in for her preschool feast!

And, performing adorable Thanksgiving songs with her class!

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