8 minutes

Friday, December 30, 2011
Brooke LOVES puzzles!  These are old pictures, but I came across them on a memory card, and since I've been on a bit of a camera strike I figured I could load them up!  So anyway, I got her this giant puzzle, figured it would keep her busy for a while.  She dug right in...

And it took a total of...8 minutes.  So Mom, what's next?!

It looks like Christmas around here!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Thanks to my kids and their schools we have an abundance of new Christmas decorations, it's definitely Christmas at the Griffin house.

We have a beautiful chain to count down the days until Christmas, and our eager preschooler is sure to take a link off first thing when she wakes up each day...just 5 links left!!

We have an adorable elf made in the 3rd grade class.  And, look, or real elf is hiding in his lap today!

We have a precious angle made by our precious preschooler.  She watches over me while I cook:

And of course, a most lovely holiday card made by our smart 3rd grader...

A lovely preschool tree that sheds lovely sparkles all across our house...

The traditional photo frame, with a picture always taken on the worst hair day of the year ;)

And, last but not least, and adorable angel in an adorable ornament:

I'd say we're ready...bring on Christmas!!

Ship me to China!

Monday, December 19, 2011
We received a shipment of presents in this large box, which Sydney took a liking to, of course.  She showed us that she fit inside it:

And then asked us to tape her up and ship her to China.  Her friend Lillian is there, she wants to go visit her.  It's tempting...

Dear Santa....

Friday, December 16, 2011
We made our annual visit to Santa's house a couple of nights ago!  The girls sat down and wrote their notes to Santa...

Here was Sydney's note:

A better view of the writing, before she drew the dog...

Brooke drew him a nice picture.  She got the names down though :)

Then they put the notes in Santa's mailbox:

Then finally, they got to talk to him in person.  A dog is what they want...they both asked him for a dog, for the second time.  I keep explaining that Mommy does not want a dog, but they are holding out hope that Santa will not listen to Mommy!

Merry Christmas Santa, we'll see you soon!

My little angel

Friday, December 9, 2011
Today was the preschool Nativity play, Brooke was an angel.  She mastered her lines perfectly...SO cute!

The start of a new sport!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Basketball!  Today was Sydney's first game.  And, after just two practices she jumped right out there and did her best.  It was quite fun to watch.  I love how she'll just get out there and try anything, without any hesitation.

Poor girl bonked heads with someone...

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