Softball Opening Day, Part 2

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Time for some Sydney action!  First, our cute team sign...

And Sydney's adorable dugout sign (that marks her spot in the line-up)

She started out at 3rd base...

She yawned at 3rd base...

And then she was up to bat! Getting her pep talk from Daddy...

Getting a hit!

Running to first...

Safe at first!

And stealing 2nd :).  She ended up scoring on this at bat too.

And later in the game, time to pitch!  It's so fun to watch her pitch.

Overall it was a great first game, and she had a blast :)

Softball, opening day!

Monday, February 27, 2012
Yesterday was opening day for the Scripps Ranch softball season!  The girls get to do a parade with their teams, and Sydney's team is the "Pink Polka Dots" this year.  So, of course to start it off the girls had to get their polka dots on...

And their pink hair...

And you know who, of course, had to join in.  She saw the girls getting polka dot arms, and she immediately pushed up her sleeves and just stood there waiting for her turn.  Thankfully there was enough polka dots to go around, or we would have had a screaming 4 year old tantrum.

Big sister, always going just a little bit further, with a polka dot nose.  Later it went to the cheeks too.  We had pink bath water last night!

Here is our adorable Pink Polka dot team, all snazzied up and ready for the parade!

We had 15 minutes to spare before the parade, and the jumpies & slides were calling their names...


As we're waiting for the parade to start we come across two of Syd's best buddies...on a different team :(.  This is her first year not getting to be with all of her school buddies.  Things are getting more serious at this 8 year old level!  But, we paused for just a minute with the enemy ;).

And then, the polka dots made their entrance, balloons and all.  The parade is such a fun event.

More to come very soon with pictures from the first game...and our little pitcher!!

Go Brookie Go!

Saturday, February 25, 2012
She scored not one, but TWO goals in her soccer game last night.  I was thrilled to have happened to catch this one on my phone!

The Annual Father/Daughter Dance

Sorry for being a post slacker!  This time of year is always so busy.  Things are finally slowing down (kind of).  We had 6 weeks of Mermaid running club (Click here to see our awesome Dashing Dolphins).  Then we had Girl Scout cookies.  I manage our troop cookies, so it is quite busy.  The troop is down to 24 boxes, hopefully ALL being sold today, and then we can be DONE.  Yahoo! 

So then, we add into the mix the Father/Daughter dance at Sydney's school!  It's so fun for the girls, and the last two years Mamarazzi has had the pleasure of being the dance photographers.  This year I saved 15 minutes with Jason and Sydney to get a few of my own pictures before the dance...

This was Sydney's last year going to the dance just her and Daddy.  Next year the little monster gets to go too!  Just imagine the pictures we will have :).

So, after just a few shots with those two cuties I headed over to the school to help finish setting up, and we took 200 shots, one for each girl at the dance.  They each got a nice picture, just like this with a nice black cardboard frame.

And now, I promise, I will get my camera back out for more every day pictures of my girls.  They are too cute to miss!

My cute mermaids

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Today was the last lesson of our 6 week running group.  On Saturday these girls will run an entire 5k race for the first time.  We had so much fun, I'm going to miss seeing these girls every Wednesday and Sunday!

Fun with cookie boxes

Sunday, February 5, 2012
Who knew the ready for trash Girl Scout cookie boxes could be so much fun!  The cousins play so well together now, it's so fun to watch.  They had hours of fun setting up a giant house, and bringing out just about every small toy we own to put in it.  It was worth it though for the adults who were busy watching Super Bowl games, and prepping Birthday dinners :).

I had to include this one to show how tall Sydney is next to Colton now.  She is growing SO fast!

She's off to camp!

Friday, February 3, 2012
Sydney has Girl Scout camp this weekend.  She'll be spending the night there tonight, and then all day tomorrow.  She was up before dawn getting things ready, and prepping her swaps.  These get traded with other Girl Scouts, so she'll end up with a variety of goodies pinned on her bandana.  The woman who organized the swaps suggested the girls write something like " just one!", or some sort of healthy/positive message.  Sydney had her own ideas though...

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