Rainy Days

Monday, March 26, 2012
These pictures are a couple of weeks old...but, since we had another rainy day yesterday they seemed fitting.  Here's Brooke lounging in her room, playing games on my iPad...

Little Miss Jewel who managed to get herself all snuggled up and warm in our guest bedding...

And then two more of the iPad hog, being cute with sunglasses on...

So we've had enough lazy lounge days now, lets hope for some sun for a while!

Strike one, Strike two...

Saturday, March 24, 2012
Strike three!  She's out!

Sydney had a fabulous day at pitching today.  She struck out three of the four batters who she pitched to.   Here are a couple of videos of a few of the awesome strikes...

Fun with some new friends

Sunday, March 18, 2012
We had out-of-town visitors last week.  Brian was in the Navy with Jason, and was our roommate for about 8 months when we lived in our old condo.  Then, he moved back to Connecticut where he was from, and got married, then they eventually moved to Texas.  He was one of the Groomsmen in our wedding in 2000, so he came out to San Diego for that day, and we haven't seen him since.  We were thrilled when they decided to take a road trip out to San Diego for their Spring Break!  They have a daughter who is just a month older than Sydney, they hit it off instantly.  Their son a bit over a year older than Brooke, they got along great too. 

We enjoyed visiting with them for 4 days, but then they had to head back home to Texas for school starting back up on Monday.  We met them for one last lunch before they headed out.  Sydney cried, she hates saying goodbyes.  The kids posed for one last picture (of course I only had my phone, but it's better than nothing!) with Mark Twain.  Sydney of course - reading his book.

Sydney came right home and sent an email to Kaitlyn, she is waiting anxiously for them to return home so she can reply.  She has decided that they shall drive out here every Spring Break, and we must go to Texas in the Summer.  We will see how that all works out!

It was a two trophy weekend!

Monday, March 12, 2012
Our weekend started out with the super fun Girl Scout Pinewood Derby race.  Sydney's Queen of the Waves car zipped down the race track, coming in 1st place in 3 out of 4 of the first round races.

So then she moved onto the semi-finals with just 16 of the 57 cars remaining...and then onto the finals, with just the top 6 cars...

And, she ended up with 4th place!  Not bad out of 57 cars.  Last year she was in the top 6 but didn't place in the top 4 to get a trophy, so this was a big improvement for her!  (Daddy is plotting top 2 for next year though).

The rest of our weekend included a softball game, a soccer game, and then the end of season Basketball party.  Sydney got her first Basketball trophy to add to her collection.  She was so excited to come home and count and sort her trophies.  Here they are!  (She has 11 now... with soccer having the highest number of trophies)

And here she is with just the two new ones:

The two new ones needed their own private portrait...

And Sydney wanted another shot with all 11...

And then she finished the night by displaying them all outside her door.  Go Sydney!

I Heart Faces - Beautiful B&W

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
It has been quite a while since I've entered one of the I Heart Faces photo contests.  They just changed their contest to be monthly instead of weekly, and you have more time to enter, so I got pumped to start entering again!  As a bonus, there are prizes now...I want to win the lens!!

This week's theme is "Beautiful B&W".  I took this photo for my daughter's 8th Birthday, and had never thought to convert it to black & white, I loved how her blue eyes sparkled in the original.  For some reason though when I read the theme this month I immediately thought of this picture, and now I love it even more!  I can see into her future when I look at this image, how amazing she is going to be some day.

Good luck everyone!

Photo Challenge Submission

Smart Cookie

Sydney brought home this math test the other day that made me smile.  I love that the problem asks for 4 strategies at solving the problem, yet she drew out 6.  And then I love the result, and her note "The amazing answer is" before putting the final answer.  Nevermind the bad spelling, it's still adorable!

Trying out a new position

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Sydney got to play an inning at catcher on Saturday.

We may want to work just a bit on how to throw light tosses back to a new pitcher, but other than that she did great!

Fun coming up soon!

Sunday, March 4, 2012
We had so much fun last year at the Girl Scout Pinewood Derby event.  Sydney's car made it to the final race with the top 6 out of 50-something.  Unfortunately, she didn't get in the top 4 to get the trophy so she badly wanted.  But, the minute that race ended, she and Jason were plotting for next year's car.  It was going to be a surfer girl....

So, a few weeks ago when the little block of wood and 4 wheels arrived at our house they began building, and shaping, painting and styling...and here she is!

The rules of the races state that the car total weight can be no more than 5 ounces.  The object is to position the weight in just the right places so as to maximize the speed.  There are weights hidden inside that block of wood, positioned and melted ever so perfectly...

Yesterday was weigh-in day.  The car gets weighed and then it has to go in a taped up box for the rest of the week so that no modifications can be made.  Her theme is "Queen of the Waves".  For those of you non-Barbie is the song.  Sydney wants to play that song while she rolls down the race track :).  She even has signs made to cheer her girl on.  Go Queen of the Waves!!!

We'll be back next week with the big results!
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