EBS Idol

Friday, April 27, 2012
Tonight is the "EBS Idol" talent show at Sydney's school.  She has been working hard, and practicing often with four friends from school to learn a dance to an Indian song.  Here are the cute girls in their performance outfits:

And, here is their dance!  We aren't allowed to video during the show, but I was able to capture them during dress rehearsal.  Great job girls!!

Sleepy Girl

Thursday, April 26, 2012
Only on school day mornings, when we need to be up and out the door, do I find her like this at 8am...

2012 Junior Carlsbad

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
We continued our annual tradition this year with the girls running in the Jr. Carlsbad race.  We have gone to the race since Sydney was 3!  I think we missed just one year when Brooke was a baby. 

I have a blog from the 2011 race.  I guess there were more important things to write about in 2010, since all I have is a couple of pictures of the "Rock".

Anyway, this year was as fun as always!

Brooke being a poser as we wait for Sydney's race...

And here she comes!  Sydney ran the entire mile, and finished with her best time yet...9:40.  Go Syd!  I guess one mile is pretty easy for her after having completed a 5k.

Next up was Brooke with the 4 year olds and the 1/4 mile race.  There she is!  She took off great, but then wanted to hold Daddy's hand as she crossed the finish line so she wasn't one of the quickest finishers.  Silly girl.

Traditional picture of the girls with their medals...

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 9, 2012
We were planning to go up and spend Easter with all of our family, but poor Grandpa had to be admitted to the hospital again so we had to make backup plans here in San Diego.  We're thinking about you Grandpa!!

Here are the posers, ready for the egg hunt. And, in their new dresses.  Brooke had been eyeing this dress at the exquisite Costco for weeks...she was pleading to have it for her Birthday, and went right to that same dress each time we passed by.  So, for $15 we figured it was a good splurge for her :).

Sydney was transformed into a bunny again this year...

Brooke looking like the perfect angel after her dessert...

And, Brooke's nice note to the Easter Bunny.  She was so determined to make sure he knew she loved her Easter goodies!

Spring Break!

Friday, April 6, 2012
Just thought we'd give you a quick Spring Break update!

We spent a couple of days in Palm Springs, swimming, mini golfing, exploring, etc...

We went to the Wild Animal Park to see the butterflies.  Sydney was thrilled that one landed on her!

My awesome girls ran in the Jr. Carlsbad race!  Sydney ran her mile in 9:40...her best time yet.  Next year she plans to win her age division ;).  Brooke zipped through her 1/4 mile no problem also!

Sydney has been practicing her pitching!

And, we completed the experiment portion of Sydney's science fair project.  More on that to come...

Hope everyone is having a nice week!  More pictures to come soon!
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