My poor sick girl

Friday, June 29, 2012
This has become a way too common of a sight around here...miserable Sydney :(.  But, we are hoping relief is on it's way...we go to the ENT on Monday to schedule the tonsillectomy!  Fingers crossed that the surgery will be the solution.  Last night the poor thing had a fever over 103, and was throwing up most of the night.  Not fun. 

Team Celtics

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Here's Brooke's latest soccer team...with Daddy coach!  The three boys in the back (the triplets) and the blonde girl up front are from her preschool class, so she is having a blast playing with her buddies.

Soccer Pro in the Making

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Brooke is doing SO good at soccer. I sit in the stands and I can hear people commenting on her behind me. It's fun. I managed to capture two awesome goals at her game last week. Check her out!

The Graduate

Monday, June 11, 2012
It's been a busy week.  From Girl Scout bridging, to preschool graduation, and a bunch of soccer in between.  Up performances!  But first, a whole bunch of cuteness from the preschool today.  Brooke has been so excited about this day.  She has been practicing all of her songs for the last two weeks.  Today when she woke up she was ready to go!

The adorable kids all walked in, one at a time into the Chapel.

Then they lined up in a way just to make it tough for me to capture them all with my camera...

They sang "The World is a Rainbow", and then sang it with Kazoos!

The class song choice was "Octopus", acted out so darn cutely.

And, then they closed the singing performance with "I am a promise", Brooke's favorite, and such a sweet song.  She is a promise, she is a capital P, she is a promise, she is a possibility...she is a great big bundle of...poten-tial-ity!  (Hearing her say potentiality is pretty amusing!)

Then it was time to graduate!  They called her name, and she walked up to the little bridge. 

She said what she wanted to be when she grows up...

"When I grow up I want to be a Mom because they cook and love their kids."  Bradyn wants to be Batman, and Dylan wants to be the trash cute!!

And then it was supposed to be picture time.  However, she was the most stubborn kid ever.  Arg.  Thankfully I captured a couple good ones.  Little booger!

She's off to Kindergarten!  And, oh so ready, and excited.  Congrats Brooke!!

Yesterday she was a Brownie...

Sunday, June 10, 2012 she's a Junior!  Sydney bridged to Juniors today.  It was fun to take part of the official Scripps Ranch bridging ceremony.  165 girls bridged today! 

Our cute troop before the ceremony (missing two girls of 10):

Sydney, crossing the bridge:
And the Juniors in their new green vests/sashes!  Looking forward to another fun year with these great girls.

Our family members

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Just in case you forget who they are...we have notes like this all over the house :)

More pics coming soon...I promise.  Need to take my camera out in order to do that :)
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