Pumpkin Patch!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
We went a long time ago...23 days ago, in fact!  I took tons of cute pictures, so I've been wanting to share, but haven't had a chance.  I figure I better get them out there before October is over!!

A quick peek at how giant Sydney is next to Colton!

Fun on the swings!

They tried out those jumpie thingies!

Colton flipped in circles...

My girls tried to flip in circles :)

Here's the cute crew of kids that we went with.  The cul-de-sac pals!  Oh, and Colton :)

Colton doesn't dare go down the slide feet first...

Sweet ponies...

Some silliness...

A bit more fun before we go...

And we finished off the evening with my crazy nephew - way up there on that crazy spinning ride that makes you sick just watching it.  See him way up there?

Happy Halloween!!!

Last day of Fall Softball

Monday, October 29, 2012
Yesterday was our last Sunday of double-header Fall softball for Sydney.  I figured I better bring out my camera to at least capture a bit to remember the season!

It was a great learning season for Syd.  She is moving up to 10U for the Spring, so that is what she played for Fall Ball.  Most of the girls were older and a lot more experienced.

Syd was nervous to get hit by the ball, so it took a while to get comfortable at the plate.  But by the end of the season, she was swinging and getting hits!

She got walked for this at bat, but ended up scoring a run!

Brooke had a fun time this season also, because there were so many younger sisters!  There must've been about 8 friends for her to play with.  This little girl is in her Kinder class too.

Here she is with another friend...

And another (out in the field).  The umpire paused the game while these two sisters were out in the outfield...whoops!

Here's our whole HERicanes Fall Ball crew!  Thanks for a great season!  We won't mind having our Sundays back :)

Quick pics at the pier

Friday, October 26, 2012
I have a photo session coming up at the PB Pier.  I haven't shot there before, so I drug my family down for an outing so I know what to expect.  My kids had a blast.

Sydney is a great test subject...

Brooke is crazy...

When they actually sit still for 5 seconds they are so cute together...

The crazy one is gorgeous when she pauses for a second too...

She only fell down in the water one time...

And actually drew some fans with her model posing styles...

Today was declared the official "best day ever" by Brooke for three reasons:

1.  We got to put our feet in the water
2.  We had a GREAT dinner (pizza)
3.  We got to put our feet deeper in the water

I'd call that a winning day!

A trip to the Apple Orchard!

Sunday, October 21, 2012
I am getting caught up on pictures. I have been very behind thanks to actual business pictures, but I set a goal to get caught up this weekend, so here I am! Brooke's Kindergarten went on a field trip last week to an Apple Orchard in Ramona. It was a very fun and cute adventure.

The kids first sat and listened to an interesting lecture about how apples grow.

And then they were set free to pick some apples!

This is the adorable crew that I was responsible for transporting to & from the Orchard:

And Brooke with one of her prize pickings:

They got to pick 11 apples.  Ten to take home, and one to eat that day.  After they picked their 11, they chose one to wash up:

And then they got to eat it!

Here's the whole class, attempting to pose with their apples:

And Brooke's prized "baby" apples:

And one last shot of some of her buddies:

11 more days until Halloween

Saturday, October 20, 2012
Last night was the Fall Festival at the elementary school, so the girls got to dress up. It's always fun to get more than one night's use out of their outfits. I had a heck of a time getting them to stand nice together, so stubborn! But, I thought this one was cute, and it expresses Syd's feelings about standing by the pirate booger :)

Life with a Kindergartner

Sunday, October 14, 2012
My little Kindergartner is very enthusiastic with her learning.  She is making new pictures just about every free moment that she can.  We have home-made artistic creations...

We've been going to a lot of Birthday parties...

My display board is over taken by rainbows and lovely creations...

And school projects...

We have Halloween pumpkins with their faces already designed...

And lots and lots of word writing practice...

Some real words, some jibberish...

It's hard to decide what to keep amidst all these lovely creations.  My big plan was to take pictures of all of them and then discard them...but it's amazing how many new items have accumulated just since I took these pictures! 
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