Cute Kinders

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Every other Tuesday I get to help with PE for the Kindergarten class.  It's so cute, and so much fun.  Yesterday I brought my camera since I'm on the yearbook team also.  They did a ton of fun activities with hula hoops, including pretending they were turtles.

Here's the big, cute group of turtles, we got them to pause for one minute, yay!

TONS of t-ball pics!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
We had so much fun Saturday.  It was Brooke's first official t-ball game!  She was so ready.  We went to Girl Scouts early that day, but the minute she got home she ran upstairs to get her uniform on.  She couldn't wait.  She's spent her entire life watching Big Sister do this, it was finally her turn.  And, she was awesome!  She was constantly focused, moving, and doing her best.  So fun to watch.

So, here we go, tons of pics!!

Getting ready to bat, with Coach Daddy...

Scoring a run on her first at bat :)

She insisted on having "Cookie" as the name on her shirt.  We tried for "Bruiser", but she wanted nothing to do with that idea.  So, Cookie it is!

A big hit!

All smiles, all the way around the bases...

Big sisters, enjoying being the dugout helpers...

And, she was ALL over the field, ready and wanting to get that ball!

And of course, who can resist just a little bit of playing in the dirt?

Back up to bat!

And back in the field.  Ready and waiting...

And hitting again...

High fives as she crosses 1st...

And then playing first base.  So fun...

Sunday was picture day.  I took a peek over the photographer's shoulder...

The team waiting for the official team picture.  Such a cute team...

And good buddies...

Semi-official team picture...

Sister friends...

And even a brother...

And finally, the official opening day parade.  Our little angels with their halos and wings.  So cute!

Be Glad your Nose is on your Face!

Saturday, February 23, 2013
Sydney had to memorize and perform a Jack Prelutsky poem last week at school.  I was impressed at how quickly she learned it.  The young brain works well!

Here she is practicing:

Good job, Sydney!

Getting a patio!

Thursday, February 21, 2013
We've been talking about this for quite a while, and Jason has been working hard on the plans, but work finally started on Monday! Yippee! Here is what our yard looked like before the work started:

The first step in the process is to get rid of the old cement slab, all the way around to the front of the house.  The worker men got started with the jackhammer, and then it broke!  This was how far they got during the first adventure:

Thankfully they were able to get another tool, and they made some more progress for day 1:

It's really fun to see how excited about this the girls are.  Sydney watched for a long time, and used my iPad to take pictures of the work in progress.  Later that night I found this collage that she had put together:

She also sketched them as they worked:

Today will be day four, and they are hoping the last, of the cement demo.  Yesterday when they got home from school the girls were thrilled to find an island remaining in the rubble:

We'll keep you posted on our progress!

Happy Singing

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Yesterday was the official "volunteer tea" at the school, where they say thanks to all the parents who donate their time to help in the classrooms.  Typically there is coffee, fruit, bagels, etc. and some artwork that the kids make for us.  This year we had singers!  Kindergarten singers!  It was so very cute.

I knew Brooke would be singing, she had practiced her songs a few times, and we were told to send her in solid white, pink, or black.  I didn't realize, though, she'd be in the front of the pack, as the letter G!  I told her this was a very, very important role she had :)

Here she is:

A fun trip to the Midway

Monday, February 18, 2013
This post is all via cellphone pics.  They told us no cameras, and I took that seriously...and then found out they meant for the kids.  All the other adults had cameras...bummer!

Sydney's class went to the Midway museum last week.  I had never been, so I was glad to be chosen as one of the chaperones.  It was a fun trip to be a part of.

Mr. Bob was our tour guide.  He was great.  He's actually the pilot who flew one of the jets that's on top of the ship for display.  Very cool.

We went on a tour of the boat, and got to see the kitchen.  It even smelled like there was something cooking.

After the tour we went to a classroom to learn about electricity & magnetism (that's what the kids are learning in class right now).  Sydney answered one of the questions right and so she got to be the battery in the demonstration.

Then they actually put together their own circuit tests...

And then ended with a nice group picture next to the pilots...

And did some exploring.  Can you find Sydney in there?

Or in there?

And, one last group shot in front of the gorgeous San Diego bay.  We got lucky with a beautiful day.

Thanks Mr Bob, for a great experience!

Father/Daughter 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013
The annual father/daughter dance is something Sydney has looked forward to every year.  This year Brooke got to go too!  She was beyond excited, asking every day how many more days.

A disappointment for me was the rain, which prevented me from taking my usual pictures out at a park somewhere.  But, Mamarazzi did the official dance photos once again this year, so I get a sneak peek at that at least!

Our ski trip!

Sunday, February 10, 2013
I have been so behind in my pictures...these are from Jason's Birthday weekend on January 20th.  I finally had some time to get the pictures done, whew!

We went to Big Bear for Jason's big Birthday weekend.  On his Birthday he did some snow boarding, and the girls took ski lessons.  They did so good, it was fun to watch.

Brooke was in Little Bear school, for ages up to 7.  Here she is waiting patiently to learn how to ski:

While she waited, I went to peek how Sydney was doing, she was in the "beyond beginners" class...I walked over to find her battling a man for her hat!

Once she got her hat back she did her evaluation to test her ski skills...she was cautious, but seemed to still have her basic skills from the one and only lesson she had ever taken.

Back over in little bear land, Brooke first started with just one ski, to get the feel for it...

 She did great at that...

Back over to look at Sydney, I discovered she had gone straight up the lift, and down the mountain.  Impressive!  

She looked like she had been skiing fora long time, you'd never guess this was her second time.

And back over to Brooke...she had grabbed her skis, and was ready to head over to the little part of the mountain.

Down she goes!

She did great.  All business here, skiing down the little slope...

And there's Sydney off in the distance...

And the little bear again.  She did many trips up and down that small hill.  She was pooped when she was done!

And here she is, an official skiier!  Sydney finished her lesson and wanted to do a couple runs with Daddy, so off they went.  Brooke was too pooped, so we hung out and waited.  It was a fun day!

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