Our second reader

Monday, March 25, 2013
We officially have two readers (of the kid type) in this house.  Brooke has really picked it up quickly, and is now reading at a mid-first grade level.

She set up a reading show with all of her babies the other day, and sat down and read them a story...

They all enjoyed it :)

Jewel's new favorite spot

Monday, March 18, 2013
The not yet balcony!  We've let the girls out a few times, and Jewel got to come along.  So now she sits by the window and meows at us, asking when she gets to go out again.

Yesterday we let all three girls go out for a bit.  Sydney decided to turn it into a science experiment.  Here are here observations on Jewel getting to go outside:

I saw her do a whole lot of this :)

The project is coming along nicely!  This week they are wrapping the black paper and wire around the wood in preparation for stucco!  Hopefully the deck top will also get coated.  It's getting exciting :)

I can smell the BBQs, they're on their way! 

Pinewood Derby Results

Saturday, March 16, 2013
It was another fun night for our Girl Scouts, and the girls came home happy.

The shark dominated a lot of races.  It made it to the semi-finals, then the finals...

The poor rainbow had one bad race that did it in. It started out strong...

But, whoops!  It jumped the track, and came in slow for this race.

The shark kept winning...there is beating the car that ultimately came in 1st place.  Hmm...

And the rainbow had very good races after that first random track jump, but the one bad one was bad enough to not make it to the semis :(

After the semis, and finals, came trophies for speed!  Syd and her best bud came in 2nd and 3rd.  Jason had a part in both of their cars, so it's like a double win for him!

Thankfully Brooke didn't seem too disappointed that her car had stopped racing sooner than Syds.  She did spot the extra trophies, and waited patiently, she just knew one of those was hers.  Here she is with her little buddy, whose car Jason also had a part in:

Yay!  1st place rainbow on appearance, and 2nd for best bud Syra for the crayon!

And here's Jason's "pit crew", the four cars he got to help build.  Go team!!  SO thankful they all got trophies and that no one was left out.  Whew!  Brooke felt the most important since hers "was a number one".

We'll see you again next year.  There was mention of a "Dad race" after the girls were done.  Dare I say we'll have three cars next year?!  My poor garage.

Stealing Second

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Go Syd go!

A few more Syd softball pics coming soon...

Deck progress!

We can walk onto the deck now.  The girls love to do this every evening if we let them.

Yesterday they sat out there and drew the view...

Sydney's view of the neighborhood across the way:

And, Brooke's interpretation...Love that she can even see a swinging chair all the way across the canyon ;)

 Jewel is excited about the deck too!  She's looking forward to being able to lounge out in the sun. 

Fun coming up!

Monday, March 11, 2013
It's Girl Scout Pinewood Derby!  Jason and Sydney have learned a lot over the last two years.

The first year they didn't really know what they were in for.  They made a standard "car looking" car.  Jason knew how to make it fast though.  She finished in the top six on her first time!

After that night, Sydney started planning for the following year.  Style became important, along with speed.  So, year two brought home a trophy....for speed though, nothing for style.

This Friday night brings race number three.  And, both girls get to participate!  We have two super cute cars, and are hoping to win something for style.  But will they still be fast?  They look fast!

Sydney's car this year is a shark.  So cool.  Jason spent hours carving away the shape in the wood.  Thankfully it all stayed together and became a super cool shark.

This is Brooke's first year participating, so I'm not sure how much she knows about how the whole thing works.  She did know that she wanted a rainbow!  So, a rainbow she got.  So cool...

I wonder if there will be sibling issues.  One of them has to do better than the other.  I hope they at least both win something!  I can see it, the shark vs the rainbow, in the finals...

Both cars weighed in on Saturday, right at 5 ounces, they're in, ready, and waiting.  Can't wait for Friday!  Good luck, girls!!

Annual jog-a-thon

Monday, March 4, 2013
Friday was the elementary school's annual jog-a-thon.  It's the biggest fundraiser for our school, raising close to $40,000 last year!  The kids really look forward to it too.

First up were the upper grades, including Sydney.  She ran, and ran...

And then found one of her best buddies to run with:

And chat with :)

She ran 16 laps total, which is 4 miles.  Great job, Syd!  Here she is recovering with some classmates.

Up next, lower grades, including the adorable Kindergartners!  Here's Brooke's class...

Lined up, and ready to go...

Brooke, of course, also found her buddies to run with.

 They are so cute!

Brooke ran 10 laps.  One of her classmates told her that if you run 10 laps you get to splash the principal.  Well, you have to raise $50 to do that, thankfully she made that amount regardless :)

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