She yanks 'em herself!

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Brooke has been busy wiggling on tooth #2, last night it was ready to come out.  We were at a band concert for Sydney, and she was wiggling away, I thought for sure it would come out during the concert, but we made it through.  This morning it was really loose, but she wouldn't let me grab it.  She got out of school with a crooked tooth, came home, and yanked it herself.  She's a crazy kid.

And, she's a toothless kid too!

Mom, how do you spell teeth?  :)

Fun for Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
We had a very busy, fun filled Memorial Day weekend!  We went out to the river with our neighbor friends, and then came back Sunday night so we could attend a party on Monday at another friend's house, with lots of kiddos...

Fun lady friends...(who thankfully take lots of pictures and share them with me :)

Buddies both girls ages to play with...


Good food, and fun!

It was hard to go back to school on Tuesday...feels like it should be Summer already.  Just 9 days left of school!

Trapeze Excitement!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Each year when the girls sell cookies they get to decide something "fun" to do with their money.  They vote with the troop on the fun activity, and they also choose a charity activity.  This year the fun activity they chose was trapeze!  For the record, Sydney did not vote for this one ;).  

Sydney seems to be afraid of heights!  She has gone to many Birthday parties at the rock climbing gym, and she's a great climber.  But, she'll get to a certain point, and freeze.  We've tried & tried to overcome the fear, but no luck so far.  She will, however, climb trees, and shimmy up to the top of park swings, so I'm slightly confused on what the fear actually is :).

So...I was nervous about taking her for trapeze!  I was worried she wouldn't even climb up the ladder to get started, but she surprised me!  She went right up, and although she looked a little hesitant, she did it, over and over!  Go Syd!

We really have a great troop.  All these girls have gotten so close after being together since Kindergarten!

Here's Syd up at the top, getting ready...

And, there she goes!  Weeee!

She did a few rounds, and then they started teaching everyone how to do flips, and go for a catch from another trapeze person...she got nervous again...

But she went!  She didn't flip, but we were ok with that!

She even did one last round after that scary one.  Everyone was proud of her.

Great job girls, almost all of them are ready for the circus!  (Syd will just watch)


Sunday, May 19, 2013
This child...right crazy.  She is so different from her sister, it's fun to watch, but it can be stressful too.  We were brushing teeth before bed last week, and I mentioned that her bottom front tooth was (a teeny tiny bit) loose.  She got excited.  She got very excited.  Just about every friend she has has lost a tooth, and they have a special board at school showing who has lost a tooth, and when.  And, to top it all off, if you lose a tooth at school you get a special tooth necklace to hold it in.  This is all so very exciting.  So exciting apparently, that she needed that tooth OUT.  The next day we were at dinner and she says her tooth hurts too much to eat, so I check and it's super wiggly.  How did that happen Brooke?  She shrugs her shoulders. Very suspicious.  So then the next day she has a play date after school, I don't get to see her until 5pm.  I show up, and guess what...tooth is GONE!  How did it come out Brooke?  "I pulled it out!"

Crazy child...right here:

Sydney was excited about her first tooth being loose too, but it took weeks for it to be loose enough to pull out, and she was timid about it coming out.  When it did come out there was a new tooth ready and waiting to come in.  No sign of a new tooth for this kid...that tooth was not ready to come out yet.  But it did, and she got her tooth necklace, the tooth fairy came, and she's a happy girl.  We told the tooth fairy not to be too generous.  We don't want her yanking out the rest of her teeth just yet.

It is kind of cool that both of these crazy kids have a missing tooth spot at the same time though!

The second tooth is a tiny bit loose.  We may have more toothless pics to share soon!

Daisy Seed Project

Monday, May 13, 2013
Brooke's Daisy troop went on a fun outing last weekend.  They went to a barn out in Santee and made seed balls which will be used to beautify the river and attract wild life.  They also got to see a horse, and goat, and hold chicks.

I didn't get to go with the troop because I was off having fun with Sydney's troop (more to come on the trapeze adventure soon!).  Thankfully our troop leaders are very good about taking and sharing pictures.  Here are a few of our cute daisies.

Kids and their projects

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
We have so many projects around this house.  So much STUFF.  All is cute, all is fun, and impressive.  But, we just can't save them all, so we take pictures!

Sydney checked out a library book at school on how to draw cats.  She was obsessed about drawing cats...for about two days, then she moved on, and the book sat there, along with lots of pieces of paper.

I thought this part was funny - In case you had any doubt...Brooke didn't draw that cat...drives her sister mad when she does this stuff.

And then there is the Kindergartner who is learning SO much, SO fast, and bringing home SO many things.  They are learning about land, and she was super excited to finally get to build her land form from clay.  I am not sure how I'll ever get this one out of my house.

This next one is a keeper.  It's her book about her family...

There are 4 people in her family.  Daddy has stylish hair...

She likes to go to the "poowle" (pool) with Daddy.
And, she likes to read books with Mommy.

She likes to play with her sister.  That drawing is them on a roller coaster.

And, here is our complete family, once more.  Aren't we cute? :)

So many fun field trips

Friday, May 3, 2013
My kids are so lucky that that their school takes them on so many great field trips.  Each of my girls had a fun one last month.  I captured them via cell phone.

Sydney's class has been learning about California history, so they went to see an old Adobe house.  She learned how to make candles:

And tool leather:

They also branded leather, but I missed the picture on that one.  Here is the class of 4th graders!  Syd, of course, cuddled up with her teacher.

Brooke's class is learning all about animals, so they got to go to the Zoo!  She and her best buddy tied themselves together to make sure they'd have to ride together on the way there:

They sat for a short lesson about animals, then we got to go on a fun bus tour.

Afterward, we got to explore!  This is the crew I was in charge of.  It's surprising how such a small group of kids seems huge when you're trying to keep track of them in a busy Zoo!

But, they sure were cute!

Up next, a transportation field trip for Brooke!  They get to ride a trolley and a ferry.

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