Our buddies

Friday, June 28, 2013
We miss them.  We had them here for a week, and it was a lot of fun.  The kids woke up and played Wii together, they played the entire day together, and we did lots of fun things while they were here.  My girls are already asking when they will come back!

I miss them so much

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Two of my precious Grandparents have passed away this year.  It's sad.  Thankfully they both had long, full lives, and I got to enjoy many memories with them.  I am also thankful for the lovely pictures I have.

My Grandma George lived 96 amazing, long years.  She ate healthy, and was out walking up until her last week.  When the doctors told her there was a tumor in her lung she shrugged it off, it doesn't bother me she said so I'm not going to worry about it.

And, my dear sweet Grandpa.  I miss him so much already.  We went on many fun trips when I was a little girl.  He was so thoughtful.  Just Sunday he gave me a bundle of items with a long note explaining what each thing was.  It probably took so much work for him to write that note, and to cut each of the 50 box tops that he saved for the girls school.  I am beyond thankful that we got to see him for Father's Day, that my Dad got to see him one last time.

I miss you two!

The deck is officially done!

Monday, June 17, 2013
It has railings, it's cleaned off, it's so pretty!  The rest of the backyard is very close to being done also...woo hoo!  We just have a bit of yard cleanup to do.  Last night to celebrate, Daddy BBQ'd some burgers (on our new BBQ!), and we ate up on the deck.  The girls are thrilled.  The best we could do was a cellphone we are! :)

Summer is here!

Friday, June 14, 2013
And we have been maximizing our time to it's fullest.  The girls got out of school at 12:30 on Tuesday and we headed to the beach!  It was a bit chilly, but that didn't stop these two...

Syd was very brave, went way out boogie boarding...

Then, on our first full day of Summer, we toured a farm!  That was quite the experience!

For our second day, we had a morning playdate, and then we were off for ice skating!

Today, we have another playdate...busy, busy!

We have a new pet!

Friday, June 7, 2013
His name is "Slimy".  He's an aquatic snail.  Sydney has been studying fish, snails, and beetles at school, and earlier this week she brought home a permission form requesting to adopt one of these creatures.  Mommy signed the form and ok'd either a fish or snail (no beetles, please).  Today Sydney found out she was one of the lucky snail winners.  She was excited!


Sunday, June 2, 2013
Sydney and a few friends have been training for the Rock 'n Roll marathon "Kids Rock" race.  The idea is to run 25 miles ahead of time, and then complete the last mile of the marathon at the official race.  It has really been a lot of fun, and a great experience.  We meet up with these girls after school and run at least a mile about 3 times per week.

One of the fun things about this race is the orange laces.  All of the kids were given orange shoe laces, as a pledge to being physically active.  I love that idea. While we waited for race time, girls wanted to pose with the big shoe and the big orange laces:

Here's my runner girl:

The kids ran by their grade levels, so Neve went first, with the second graders.  Go Neve, go!

And shortly after, here come the 4th graders!

They stuck together for the first lap.

But then Syd decided she was going to be the first one done :)

Yep, I passed you...

And then of course, goodies at the end is always a huge plus!  They got some Jamba Juice, bagels, sports drink, and oranges.  Yum!

Congrats girls!  Great job, can't wait to do it again!
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