Sydney's 'SEW' cool party!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
We lucked out this year with Sydney's Birthday being on a Saturday, so we could do all of our celebrating in one big fun filled day.  She woke up as early as she could, we ran out and got donuts.  Yum!  And then, after lunch, it was time to collect her best buds, and head off to do some sewing!

Here's our cute & fun crew once we arrived at the stitch lounge:

Syd prepping and planning her stylish skirt:

And stitching away...

All the girls were amazing sewers, they sat so focused.

Until I told them to look at me! :)

We were so glad to have Jason around to help.  He became quite the hem ironing master.

Here are all fo the girls with their fabulously complete skirts!

And by request, one more shot with "Licorice", the super cool shop dog...

Birthday girl plus parents...

And a few more poses outside with my cute girlies...

Then it was time to go back to our house for cake!  Syd "designed" this cake all herself.  She was pretty proud of it.  Brooke figured it was way too small ;).

TEN candles to blow out this year!!!

Brooke and her neighbor buddy joined us for cake too...

I had Syd come out and model her skirt for me.  She really enjoys designing things, and added as many little extra details as they would allow.

Here's a close up of the front - the brown is a pocket she made.

And, the back, with three extra patches and some criss-cross ribbon on the other side.

After the big party, she chose to go out to Denny's for dinner...yum (for her, anyway).

She had a fabulous 10th Birthday, she now wants a sewing machine for Xmas also!

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