Goalie practice

Thursday, August 29, 2013
This girl wants to be one of her teams' goalies...she's been practicing!  Gone for her are the days where everyone gets to play goalie.  Hopefully her practice pays off!

She has new fancy gloves...

Our new pet!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Lizzie!  She/he has adjusted so well, she hangs out all day long, she seems to be eating, she's so cute!  Brooke is certain she is a girl, her name is Lizzie.  Sydney has googled blue belly lizards, and has determined that her blue markings are indicative of a male lizard, so she calls him "Lizuardo".  We just have to keep that to ourselves, Brooke gets very angry at the idea of Lizzie being a boy...shhhh.

She even took a nap out in the open yesterday...

Our week

Saturday, August 24, 2013
I've gotten really bad about getting my camera out lately, perhaps since I still have hundreds of wedding photos to work though, and another job today, I don't need any extra photo editing work!

But, I always do capture a lot via my cellphone, so here's a quick update of our week, via the cellphone pics!

A discovery of a simple addition that makes eating fruit and veggies fun, and gets this kid to do it...skewers!

Lots of attention, love, and quite a bit of torment for our dear Jewel...

A great & fun soccer camp for both kiddos...

With wacky Wednesday for the young group:

Here's the whole wacky group that Wednesday:  (Brooke has super sensitive eyes, if you ever take a pic like this in the sun she will not be looking at the camera)

Here's the whole soccer group on their last day yesterday:

Earlier in the week we had a sewing playdate, and Syd made this skirt!

Then yesterday our simple playdate turned into a big adventure!  We decided to make cookies, but we were missing just one egg.  Syd went next door and asked the neighbor, who kindly gave us an egg.  So then, after the cookies were done we took her a few of the cookies as a thank you.  She said they were so yummy, that the girls should have a bake sale.  That was all it took for their minds to get working...

 Next thing you know, we were out on the corner selling cookies!

I was surprised at how many people stopped.  With just one batch of cookies, we didn't last long.

Our best customer was a police officer.  He got two cookies!

So after a week with soccer camp, three soccer practices, two goalie clinics, and a softball practice, we earned dinner out on Friday evening!  We went to Luna Grill which is not my girls' favorite, so when they saw delicious looking mini cupcakes I told them we'd get them each one if they ate well.  And, they did, Brooke cleared her whole plate!  It wasn't until we got outside and took this pic, then noticed that she wasn't eating her cupcake that we decided to peek in her mouth...a big chunk of dinner was still sitting there!  Lesson learned...check not only the clear plate, check for a clear mouth prior to purchasing treats :).

Happy weekend!  We'll be back next week, determined to take some higher quality pics of these two crazies!

Happy Birthday to my Grandpa

Monday, August 19, 2013
He'd be 86 today.  I came across these precious photos when I was looking back for Sydney's 10 year photos.  So glad I have them.  Happy Birthday. Grandpa!  I wish I could talk to you today.

We have a new friend...

Sunday, August 18, 2013
Her name is "Lizzie".  Brooke saved her life.  She had fallen into a plastic bin on our neighbor's sand box, and could not escape.  Brooke carried her around in the bin and showed everyone...then she begged, pleaded, pleeeeeeeased herself an expensive terrarium for her new pet lizard!

A new sport trial

Saturday, August 17, 2013
We made a very good discovery this Summer!  Since Jason works for the government, we are able to sign the girls up for sports on the base at Miramar.  We were able to get Sydney in a 6 week, two hours,  twice per week tennis clinic...all for $10 total!  She had a great time testing out a new sport, and had fun with a couple great buddies also.

On top of 12 ours of tennis instruction for $10, we also got cute pictures!  Here they are...

Party Central!

Monday, August 12, 2013
We had a bloomin' fun flower party here at our house on Saturday.  We had 16 beautiful daisies running around like wild flowers (just one missing in this pic...)

They all selected a beautiful flower clip upon arrival.  They then began decorating flower pots, then filled them with soil and selected their favorite types of seeds to plant.

They also made beautiful flower necklaces.

Played a little tether ball...

And had a blast practicing for the circus on our new backyard addition...the slackline!  So much fun.

Up next...pinata!

Last but not least...yummy, yummy cake!  Designed just as Brooke wanted it.  

Happy Birthday to our big SIX year old!!!

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