Some soccer snippets

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Our starting goalie, and super goals yet for her in an official game, but many close shots, and many saves at goal!  Hopefully up soon will be some pics of the small one who had her fifth goal last week.

Perfect Combo

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Reading and a cute dog!  Brooke was in heaven.

When I read that the library's dog, "Finnegan" comes to visit every couple of weeks, I knew it was right up Brooke's alley.  So, after soccer Saturday we went to go visit.

She loves dogs!

She read a silly book about fleas.  Finnegan listened closely...

She even pet him while she sweet...

More softball

Sunday, September 22, 2013
Well, it was another busy weekend!  We had three soccer wins (including a goal by yours truly, woo!), Brooke scored her 5th goal (but I've yet to make it to a game to take pics because of time conflicts, boo), Syd's team won their first soccer game, played amazing, and did outstanding at goalie (pics to come).  And, we went to visit the library dog so the girls could read to him!

Whew, I'm tired.  I have quite a few pics to share this week...for now, here's more of our awesome softball girl!

She watched lots of bad pitches go by, and got walked a few times.

She stole home!

And got several hits!

Here she is crossing first base after one great hit...

And, most exciting of all, she caught an awesome pop fly!  Of course, I heard about it from everyone...I had put away the camera...whoops!

This kid is busy right now...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
She's playing soccer, and is now the starting goalie.
She's training for a bike ride, squeezing in training rides any moment there is downtime.
She's in Girl Scouts.
She's in 5th grade, with homework.
And, she's playing Fall Softball.  Wanting to get back into pitching.

There will be plenty of picture opps, yay!  For now, here's a bit from a not so exciting game last Sunday...she got walked twice, she stole bases, she scored, she got no plays in the field:

First grade math

Saturday, September 14, 2013
Brooke brings home these sheets every single day.  Last year I looked at them, but they went straight to the trash.  This year, she tells me that her teacher says she should keep every single sheet.  Hmm...

I'm wondering if a picture will suffice?

She really is doing well!

Funny, funny girls

Thursday, September 12, 2013
Syd and her buddy who lives just up the street have been plotting something, and begging every day for a playdate.  I had no idea what they were up to.  So, Tuesday we finally had a free afternoon and Kate got to come over.  They changed their clothes, hair, etc...and snuck out the house.  Then, they rang the doorbell.  I almost ignored it because it's always sales people who I don't want to answer for.  But, Brooke peeked out the window and screamed that it was Sydney!  So, I went to the door, and these two cuties started giving me a sales pitch about selling things to raise money for their school.  They seriously thought I wouldn't recognize them, and tried to sell me mints!  Haha.  After I told them I knew who they were, they asked very seriously "Is there something else we could have done to disguise ourselves?"

Syd was apparently a non-verbal student, who kept her head in the book and passed Kate notes on what to say.  So funny how they come up with these things!

It's soccer time!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Saturday we had our first soccer games of the season.  Syd's team lost 0-2, but she played goalie the entire second half and held them to no goals...go Syd!  Brooke's team won by a ton.  She took the very first kickoff and scored a goal, then another, and had to play defense the rest of the time.  She doesn't love that.  She loves to score goals!

Sunday was official picture day.  I was able to sneak in on the Aztecs and get a team picture.  They ejected me when it was the cupcakes turn.  Here are the mighty Aztecs though!

More to come of the cupcakes, and some action!

Now there are two...

Monday, September 9, 2013
Lizzie was lonely, said the girls.  Then we were outside when Brooke spotted this itty bitty little guy out in the cul-de-sac.  Jason had us run in and get a bucket...and catch!  We now have two lizards.  Brooke wanted to name the new little guy "Buddy".  Sydney wanted "Lizuardo" since "Lizzie" has stuck for lizard #1.

So, as a compromise, we introduce you to..."Buduardo"!

He's itty bitty, teeny tiny, and cute!  He's so small that we had to go all the way down to Sports Arena to get "pinhead" sized crickets for him.  He can't eat the small crickets that Lizzie eats.  We also have to separate him from Lizzie so that she doesn't eat all of his food.  It's pretty fun to watch him snatch up these little crickets.

When we first added Budardo to the tank, Lizzie told him who was boss.  It made us nervous.  But, after just a day or two, they are best buds!  They hug!

Off they go!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Today is back to school day.  Our Summer went by incredibly fast, I am not sure where the time went!

Brooke was up at the crack of dawn, dressed and ready to go to school.  Syd was a bit more hesitant, as 5th grade isn't quite as much fun as 1st.

Here they are being friendly to each other :)

Brooke wanted to show off her new backpack...

Syd humored me by posing with the 5th grade penguin.

Brooke insisted she pose with him also.  She also threw a huge fit over not getting a huge binder like her sister.  We just told her to enjoy it while she didn't have to lug it around.  She made us promise she could have Syd's when this school year is over.  

And here's Brooke in her class.  When she was two Syd was in this same class, and Brooke used to love to play with these chairs.  They're still there!

So, my house is nice & quiet, I am adjusting quite well.  We will enjoy the first few days before homework begins!

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