Funny, funny girls

Thursday, September 12, 2013
Syd and her buddy who lives just up the street have been plotting something, and begging every day for a playdate.  I had no idea what they were up to.  So, Tuesday we finally had a free afternoon and Kate got to come over.  They changed their clothes, hair, etc...and snuck out the house.  Then, they rang the doorbell.  I almost ignored it because it's always sales people who I don't want to answer for.  But, Brooke peeked out the window and screamed that it was Sydney!  So, I went to the door, and these two cuties started giving me a sales pitch about selling things to raise money for their school.  They seriously thought I wouldn't recognize them, and tried to sell me mints!  Haha.  After I told them I knew who they were, they asked very seriously "Is there something else we could have done to disguise ourselves?"

Syd was apparently a non-verbal student, who kept her head in the book and passed Kate notes on what to say.  So funny how they come up with these things!

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