At the school

Thursday, October 31, 2013
This year I am on the official yearbook committee at the girls' school, so I've been popping in to take pictures when I can.

Here are a few sightings with Brooke in them..beanbag tossing at PE...

With her third grade reading buddy...

And celebrating Birthdays!

Tall girl, continued...

Sunday, October 27, 2013
Syd's softball team, tall girl in the middle!  Today was their last Fall Ball set of games (whew!  Sundays are back again), it was a fun season.  We finally got to capture the team!  It was so foggy, so eery, cool for a picture though!

Yep, she's tall!

Thursday, October 24, 2013
Three pumpkins tall?  Those are tall pumpkins! :)

A great program!

Friday, October 18, 2013
Our elementary school has a program called "Character Ed", where they teach all of the great character traits to the kids.  Typically the parents volunteer, get trained, then teach the classes.  But, there is a special program for the 5th graders where they get to teach these lessons to the Kinder and 1st graders.  Sydney submitted an essay at the end of last year to apply for this "job", and then had to get a recommendation from her teacher, and was excited to get selected as one of the official 5th grade Character Ed representatives.  Even more exciting, she got assigned to her sister's 1st grade class!

Today was the first lesson, they were to teach the younger kids about generosity.  The girls went and got trained by the official Char Ed team, got together to rehearse their presentation, and then today during lunch they went to present to the class.

Typically the parents don't go watch these activities...but being the official 1st grade class photographer, I had to go ;).  I showed up a bit early to see the girls at lunch...they weren't eating.  They were scurrying around getting ready for this important job.

They literally ran out of the lunch area to go get ready for the big event...I chased them...

They gave some examples of being generous, then gave a few examples of actions, and asked the kids to give a thumbs up or thumbs down depending on if what they said was an example of generosity.

(That's Brooke's thumb up)

Then they did a simple craft with the kids.  Each kid got a fish to decorate...

Then they put their decorated fish on the Generous Fish Tank.  The 1st grade teacher will add sparkly scales to the fish when she sees them doing something generous.

It was a great first lesson!  We look forward to lesson number two next month!

Brooke's Class

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Sorry, the blog has been quiet lately.  We've been way too busy.  I got to go take a picture of Brooke's class yesterday though, here they are!  It's quite a feat to catch everyone in attendance, and looking at me!

They got to go have cookies and rice krispy treats after this for a Birthday celebration, so they were motivated to cooperate :).

School Picture Time

Thursday, October 3, 2013
Tuesday was school pictures for Brooke, Wednesday for Syd.  I like to try to get my own pictures on these days when their hair is somewhat styled, and outfits matching.  However, the moods don't always agree with my plans.  Here's what we got...we'll see how the official pics turned out soon!

Tooth #11

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
(I think).  I think I've lost count with this kid, and she's still sleeping, she would know for sure.  We had an unplanned dental visit yesterday.  Her permanent molar was trying to come in, pushing baby molar out of the way, rather than pushing it out.  Her mouth was really red and irritated, and was really bothering her.  I thought for sure the dentist would yank it out, but instead they suggested she eat some taffy (She was A OK with that plan!) and apples, and try to work it out.  So, surprisingly, she did!  She came right home to some apples and taffy, and wiggled away even though it was really tender.  By bedtime it was close enough that Daddy was able to yank.

Bye bye baby tooth, hello new tooth, you can already see...

Writings by my 1st grader

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
She has been on a writing kick since she went back to school.  I get many, many of these papers, every day.  I have to sneak them to the trash for fear of breaking her little heart.  Here are a few cute ones...

Her drawing book. It will be good, it will really be good...

It was apparently a book of animals, there was a cat...

A lion (ror!)...

And a fox, among a few others...amazing how similar all these animals are!

A picture of her "lizzerd lizie" (he's the green thing):

Her official morning smoothie, "coke, isn't really coke, it's 'cook'", in case you're worried that I give my 6 year old coke in the morning...I had to remember to cook the smoothie, you know...she checked these items as I added them...

A cute note about Dad...she be's nice even when he be's mean, he he...

And a sweet note about how wonderful mom is :)

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