Good way to end 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
We spent the day in Temecula yesterday visiting my oldest/longest best buddy, Kristen and her two kids who are close in ages to my girls.  We don't see them often enough, it's always a great time when we do.  I brought my camera and made the 4 kids pose, so glad I did...I love this picture!

Can we do a funny picture?  Sure.  Syd was busy putting flowers on Alec's head.

They were also cute at lunch, so I made 'em pose again.  So much fun having a photographer Mommy!

Back to real life!

Sunday, December 29, 2013
Whew!  Holidays are done, most of Christmas is put away, all business jobs complete!  Back to capturing every day life, saving memories.  This is a peek into Brooke's and my night time routine.  She reads to me.  She has new Fancy Nancy books to read.  They are great with nice simple stories but new complex "fancy" words for her to learn.  She really likes to look them up in the glossary and figure out how to pronounce them.

Here she is, reading to Mommy.  I'm to sit on the other side of the bed so that she can show me the pages like her teacher does.  She doesn't sit still well, lots of movement, but she sure does read well! :)

Holiday fun

Saturday, December 28, 2013
Both my girls had fabulous holiday parties with their classes this year!  It was a super fun day.

Brooke got bagel with cream cheese, egg muffin, and yogurt...yum...

Oh, and hot cocoa with a real candy cane spoon!  (it melted rather awesomely)

They made special ginger babies that had shapes and buttons that represented siblings, favorite things, gender, etc...

And, they made a special ornament.

Here is the cute 1st grade class with all their ginger babies!

Then they did a fun book exchange.  Each child had a special secret buddy that they bought a book for, and they wrote a special message.  It was very sweet.

After the great 1st grade party I headed upstairs for the amazing 5th grade party!  The teacher asked each child to bring in a special dish from their culture.  It was quite the spread of food options!

The class waited patiently while their teacher gave instructions...

Then they got to dig in!

Syd went for all the dessert options :)

And sat with her good buddies...

We chose to bring good 'ol American pigs in blankets...they were one of the first items to be gone!

After the big feast the kids made reindeer art.

And had a book exchange also.

Syds book got stolen by her best bud! :(

It was a great day!  Now we are enjoying our Winter break.  No school until next year :).  

Dear Santa...

Sunday, December 22, 2013
I'm still catching up!  We went and saw Santa with our great friends a couple weeks ago.  Sydney is a sporty girl this year...

Brooke was funny.  She really wasn't quite sure what she wanted, and so she almost didn't go see Santa!  She's silly!

This is our buddy Sammy - she wants "stool supplies", hahha!  When Mom was telling the story later, she said "Sammy asked for stool softener!"  We had quite a few laughs.

Brooke and her bestie...

Most of the gang...

My sweet girls, Brooke specifically said she wanted Santa's lap...

And Sammy specifically asked for Brooke to come in her picture :)

Here's the whole gang!  Thanks Santa, Merry Christmas!

Grandparent's Day

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
I had a special request to not have dirty feet leading my daily blog anymore, ha!

Once again, I am far behind on my picture editing!  About a month ago, it was Grandparent's day at the school.  The first graders had a nice performance first thing in the morning, where all the Grandparents were treated to breakfast.

I found my cute first grader, way in the back row...

After performance the kids got to take their special people to the book fair!

And here they are after Papa told her "she could get whatever she wanted"...7 new books, a highlighter, and a fancy cat pointer later...

Then, she got to read to her Papa.  She read this book so well Papa thought she already owned it.  That didn't go over well.

Back to editing I go...more pics to come of the fantastic first grade feast!

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