10-on-10 December - Baking Cookies

Monday, December 15, 2014
Last weekend was supposed to be a soccer-filled weekend.  We were all geared up to spend two days on the field when we heard late Friday evening the rain had forced a complete cancellation.  We were left with the question of what to do with a full free weekend!?  This never happens.  We were excited, but then biggest kid of the family woke up not feeling great.  Ugh!

Mommy has a cookie exchange party to go to Monday, so we decided to get the baking going instead.  Fun!  First things first, get the baby settled with a nice solid chew...

Then it was time for some cookie baking!  Brooke was my super star helper.  She poured in the

Helped Daddy eye the measuring of the vanilla to ensure perfect amounts...

Helped with the flour mixture...

And the butter...

Lots of butter in these cookies...

Then after the dough was ready she rolled the balls into the pecans for me...

They were quite lovely balls of pecan dough!

Here's the first batch, ready to bake...

Big buddy still busy...

And the final result after a little maple topping was added....yum!  We're set to do a big swap!

Thanks to these creative ladies for inviting me to join in the 10-on-10 project.  I just realized I have not posted at all since last month's 10-on-10!  I love capturing these everyday moments that I never would have otherwise.  Please follow along with the circle, and visit Kathleen Ries at her blog to check out her fun with outdoor ice skating!  

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10-on-10 November - Busiest time of the year!

Saturday, November 15, 2014
I don't know how the holiday season always creeps up so quickly!  I am knee-deep in family picture editing, and so my grand plans of getting out and taking (non-business) photos was squashed!  On top of the busy photo season, we have a new puppy, my computer crashed, the kids have ultra busy lives, and it's been hectic!

So for this month's 10-on-10 posting, I bring you a few samples of what I've been up to on the business side of things, with Mamarazzi Photography!

I've had the pleasure of smiles from a ton of super cute kiddos:

A fun surprise addition to a regular 'ol family session, which made for the best holiday card ever:

Another fun repeat family client:

My favorite of the year - a beyond adorable family announcement:

Of course, there are always the tough crowds...
but thankfully parents who end up loving these types of pics in the end:

These two cuties were my toughest yet, but we ended up with a ton of fun candids:

And just a bunch more gorgeous families: 

Thanks for stopping by!  Please continue on to Kim's blog to follow the fun 10-on-10 blog circle!

Pure Joy

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Brooke had her first experience in a Game Truck last week!  I wasn't sure how she'd like it, as she's not one to spend much time on video games.  But, these pictures say it all...she had a blast!  I love watching her expressions.

He's growing!

Friday, October 24, 2014
And, he's chewing!  The girls' bucket they left in the backyard was the first puppy victim.  It keeps him very occupied, so we are all perfectly fine with it being his!

You leave it in the's mine...


Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Sydney is enjoying a new experience this year.  They offer cotillion for 6th graders!  She's going to learn ballroom dancing, while also learning her manners, how to make eye contact, set the table, etc.  These are all fabulous tools for someone else to teach her since we are so casual around our house.

The class is hilarious to watch.  The girls line up on one side of the room, the boys on the other.

I was on the boy side, and was peeking at my girl :)

Then after some instruction, the teacher tells the boys to go ask a girl to dance.  The girls all back up and try to hide...

But, they all get asked, and they all have to say yes!

Syd does a very good job of avoiding contact with the yucky boys, but now the lessons are working on eye contact, and requiring them to talk.  The instruction may stop you at any moment and ask you something about your partner - yikes!

So she's had two dances now, and I think each one will get easier and easier.  I really wish I had had this class at her age!

10 on 10 October - our new family member!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014
I was invited by a sweet, creative, talented friend Connie from Clicky Chick Creates to join her 10 on 10 circle of photographers.  I am excited about this idea because I need some more motivation to post more often, and having more readers is a good motivator!  My blog has been a bit neglected, as you can see from my softball header from the Spring!  I am hoping having a fun reason to post will keep me more up-to-date!  I also look forward to having other awesome photographers to follow, and learn from!  Thanks, Connie!  My other followers will thank you, as well!

This month features sweet Fozzie, our newest family addition.  He is the sweetest thing ever, and we are so totally and completely in love after just two days of having him as part of our household!

Monday was Fozzie's first vet appointment.  I had no shame in bringing my camera to the appointment and acting like a crazy newborn Mommy.  The vet did say get pics now, because he's going to grow fast, so get pics I did!

Here he is with his pathetic little face waiting to go into the back.  Since he's so brand new he's not allowed out of our arms anywhere that other dogs go.  This is quite frustrating to this little guy:

Once we got him into the exam room we popped him on the scale to see just how big (or little) he is.  He was just 9 lbs, 11 ounces!  He looks a lot bigger, but it's all just fluff.

After getting weighed he was pretty exhausted.  He plopped himself down on the table...

And waited so patiently...

Then passed out :)

Isn't this just the cutest nose you've ever seen?!

Thanks for reading!  To continue the circle, please follow my link, onto the next fabulous photographer, Carie Cruz of Peas & Peanuts Photography!

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The small softball girl

Monday, October 6, 2014
Last week I posted Syd, today it's the Broo!

She is very enthusiastic about softball, and it's so cute to see her try so hard.

She can hit it to the grass, which just thrills her completely.

And last week she had a trial run at big girl catcher gear :)

So cute, so funny...

This last weekend she tested out pitching!

She has some work to do to fine-tune, but she did great for her first time!  She even fielded a ball, and threw the girl out at first.

Go, Brooke, go!

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