Little Sister

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Brooke gets to tag along quite often with her big sister's activities.  She's getting a stock pile of her own activities, but Sydney is still the more busy one.

Brooke manages quite well to keep busy.

She has a new diary.  She is writing books in her diary, with chapters, and lots of details.

There are other little sisters at the games, they keep her busy as well.

And she seems pretty happy to be the tag along :)

Today, it rained...

Saturday, April 26, 2014
It didn't rain much today, but it poured buckets last night, which means no softball games for us today!  Last night, though, I took a ton of pics at smashin' Syds' softball game.  That girl is an official hitting star.  She hits the ball every single time...except when she gets hit by a pitch, then she stomps off and takes her walk to the base.  It's been a great season, tons of fun to watch.  Here are some memories...

The pre-game cheers...

Syd, and her hit after hit after hit...

Getting on base, then stealing bases...

Her warm-up routines...

And at bat prep...

Awesome running...

And my favorite...stealing home, and sliding in juuuuuust barely under the ball.  So cool!

Cute dirty butt :)

And, of course, fielding some plays...

It's been a great season!  We may just have one last game on Monday.  We'll be sad to see it end.

Under construction...

Thursday, April 24, 2014
I decided it is time to renovate my blog, start taking more pictures, and posting more often!  Stay tuned, and bare with me while I decide how it should look.

In the meantime, here are my two softball power hitters...

Meanwhile, back in San Diego...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Brooke and I are enjoying a much slower pace to our days :).  Yesterday, though, her class went to Legoland!  That was a fun-filled, busy day.  This is the cute crew that I got to drive out to Carlsbad.

We got to do a few quick rides before our educational lesson.

Here we are waiting for the big dragon roller coaster, woo!

And we're off!  

Brooke got her driver's license...

And, she learned how to build strong earthquake-safe structures.  Here is her structure before it went through the earthquake test.

And, waiting nervously as her structure is about to be tested...

And, it made it through the earthquake!  I caught a short video at the end.  Her fist pumps for success are just too funny :)

The bike riders

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
One more pic from today :)

Day 3!

122 miles complete!

Here's Syd fresh at the start of the day...

And, Jason showing me how well the new sunscreen works, ha!

They biked 25 miles and then stopped at NAF El Centro.  

They got to swim there and hang out for a few hours, then then biked off on their last 18 miles, and arrived in Ocotillo.
The first pic I got from Jason was kind hard to see...

So I requested another :).  He says she's holding up good!

Tomorrow brings them 33 more miles!

More from day 2

Tired after 53 miles in the hot hot, with lots of wind to push through.  She says she's fine though, and ready to keep on going!

When they got to camp, got their tent up, took a hose shower, then got to play some bocce ball.

Syd also told me she found some geckos, and took video of them running.  She sounds like she's really enjoying the evening fun with her friends.

Day 2 - They're off!

Monday, April 7, 2014
It's a big day today, 53 miles.  Can't wait to hear how it goes.

They are riding across California! Pics from day 1

Sunday, April 6, 2014
It's here, the big ride, it's here!  They've waited and trained a long time for today.

At about 10 am the truck was packed, and ready to head out to Yuma!  (We gave two extra bikes a ride, they kept our two bikes company :)

We met up with a bunch of other RAC'ers in El Centro, at In-n-Out.  Yum!  There was a lot of excitement in the restaurant, and not as much eating.  We ate quick and were back on our way.

Once we arrived in Yuma it was time for the first dip of the back tire in the river water. There they are, on the East side of California!

Tires, in the river...

Getting route directions from Mr Gary...

Listening, and waiting for the rest of the riders...

 And, they're off!

We waited, and watched them disappear off into the desert, and then Brooke and I headed home.

Thanks to technology we get a lot of updates, we even get to follow their progress, which is so very cool.

They took a stop at the center of the

And, they finished up their first 20'ish miles at Gold Rock Ranch!  It was a tougher first day than Jason expected, because of the strong headwind.

Tomorrow brings them 53 miles of bike riding.  Wow.  Let's hope they rest up tonight!
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