A bit more softball

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Softball consumes our life right now.  Thus the new softball header, and a few more softball pics!  We have 4 more weeks of this (I think), so I hope you enjoy softball!

Making plays at first...

Warming up to bat...

Third base coach Daddy...

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you all had a happy Memorial day :)

Another win!

Saturday, May 24, 2014
These Eagles are doing amazing in their allstar season, go Eagles!  Last night we went home with a win of 12-7.  Syd got up twice, got two hits, and scored twice.  Woo hoo!

Here is at bat number two!  She got a single, then stole second, third, and scored!

We'll be back out at the field tonight, and again Sunday.  Go Syd!

There's an allstar in our house

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Have I mentioned we have a new all-star in the Posin Roses household?

That's my girl!  She had a great Spring softball season, and was asked to keep playing.  She was thrilled.  Daddy was also asked to coach her team, which makes it that much more fun.  She's having a blast, and we're keeping ultra busy.

Last weekend was our first tournament.  The girls did amazing.  They won two out of their three pool games, then faced a higher ranked Scripps team and lost.  It was a great first showing though!

Her main position has been first base.  She's tall, and she can catch!

She can also hit!  She got a single her very first at bat.  Her second...a home run!  Well, it was due to fielding mistakes, but we're still calling it a home run :).

She's up to bat...

She flies over 2nd base!

She watches it as she takes off...

She runs...

She slides into 2nd, but whoops, the ball goes over the 2nd baseman!

She takes off...

She rounds 3rd, there's Daddy saying go go go go go!

Going, going...

Running fast!

Once she realizes she's safe, she slows down a bit.  And, she scores!

Here she is again in the field.  More pics to come as our season continues!

Fun in San Francisco!

Monday, May 19, 2014
Last weekend was a big weekend for Sydney and me.  We went with her entire Girl Scout troop to San Francisco!  Her troop is 'bridging' from Juniors to Cadettes, and a tradition among the scouts has been to bridge across the Golden Gate.  It was truly a fun experience, and great bonding for the girls and Moms as well.

The crazy crew after getting their luggage:

Here they are on the shuttle down to Fisherman's Wharf:

Lined up for bridging day...

And several mandatory group photos.  Here they are right before starting the walk across:

Syd & her best bud crossing:

And the two on the other side:

The whole crew after switching their vests from Juniors to cadettes.  These girls marched right across that bridge so fast. I guess they are ready to be cadettes!

Singing karaoke at the after party:

Having some fun down by Pier 39:

And a nice dinner at Fog Harbor:

Walkin, chattin, checking out their new magic books (Syd chose a cool hat instead):

Mmm, bread:

Sydney we went to the super cool Exploratorium.  We could've spent so many more hours there, there was tons to see.

Even a toilet fountain...eww!

My nephew

Friday, May 9, 2014
Everyone is so busy lately, we don't see Colton as often as we'd like.  But, I got to see him yesterday, and took a few pics for Mother's Day.  He's growing up, will be 11 in just 3 days.  Crazy!

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