A full weekend!

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Friday night pool Birthday party.

Saturday morning/afternoon Waterpark fun with our Girl Scout troop...

Then an evening softball pool party.

Today, the beach for another party!

More pics to come soon...

Sydney at camp

Friday, July 11, 2014
Sydney is away at Girl Scout camp, Monday through Friday.  I haven't been able to talk to her at all, so it's exciting to find pictures of her in the 'bunk' website.  She and her best buddy Esha are doing the "Adventure Seekers" camp, so they've been learning to canoe (and how to fall out of a canoe):

 Rock climbing...

That's her in the light purple shirt...

Fun games with fun girls...


And swimming!

I am sure she is having a blast!  I'm excited to see her again this evening though, and get her all cleaned up! :)

A little cleanup

Saturday, July 5, 2014
When the scouts sell cookies they get to vote on how to use the money their troop makes from the sales.  They get to spend some on a fun activity (this year Brooke's troop voted for the water park), some money stays in the troop account for yearly expenses, and then they decide on a community service project.  This year they voted on a really cool service activity, and it was free, super bonus!

This year the girls decided to clean up the beach!

They set off to look for trash, but the beach was surprisingly clean.

We decided to head up to the boardwalk, and things got really interesting up there.

It became a game of who could find the yuckiest thing, so they all had to show us what they found.

There were lots of 'smoker things' to be cleaned up!


A mad dash to the bags with more gross discoveries...

There were a lot of interesting thins in this little cave here - razors, teeth picks...all sorts of nifty stuff.  But also, a super cute picture opportunity!

Good job, girls! :)

Having too much Summertime fun!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Summer is here, Summer is busy!  We are having way too much fun :)

Pardon the quality, these are all cellphone pics...

We went to the fair!

We cleaned up trash off the beach!

We went to the Zoo...

We've been Christmas trees!?

We had a fun boogie boarding fort building beach day...

We are watching this stud win game after game.  He is quite the all-star!!

There have been soccer games on the beach - the best place to play!  (And wow is Sydney aggressive against boys!)

We rode the tram at the Safari Park...

We decided the giraffes are our favorite :)

The baby Rhino is pretty darn cute though!

And there will be more fun to come for these two batty kids :). Happy Summer everyone!

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