10 on 10 in January - Puppy playtime!

Thursday, January 15, 2015
It is so very true that a new puppy is just like having a newborn baby!  He is sleeping better now, but still wakes up at the crack of dawn.  He's into everything in his sight, and he has ton of energy!  We call it his 'zoomy' time...when it happens, we must go out and play!

We fetch!

We tug and chew!

I throw things as far as I can across the yard to get him to run as much as he can!

It seems like just the other day he was teeny tiny, now he's giant...

This is always a good sign - the tongue, the look of exhaustion...

Finally a tired puppy :)

He's my sweet doodle love bug :)

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  1. Aww, Fozzie is getting HUGE! But he's still as adorable as ever! Love that face of his with those big, loving eyes! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year, my friend!

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  3. He is adorable! Great photos, Stacey! They really show his boundless energy! Love him up -- our girl is 16!!

  4. Wow, he's so big!! I absolutely love the sweet portrait with his tongue hanging out - perfectly content and so handsome.

  5. What a energy. I really love how you capture his fur. Curly, jumping, wooly. He looks like lot´s of fun, and a great model ;-) Stay happy :-)

  6. Such great photos of your adorable pup. Love that last shot of the tuckered pooch...and those sweet!


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