10-on-10 for March - The Annual Pinewood Derby

Sunday, March 15, 2015
The Girl Scout Pinewood derby race has been a fun tradition for our family for five years now.  The girls have learned a lot about car styling over time, and Jason has learned how to make really fast cars!

I went way back through my blog to find our first derby race!  I realized a few, first off, I've been doing the blog for quite a long time!  Here is our very first Pinewood Derby race for Sydney, 5 years ago!  The second thing I realized, wow, I used to be SO much better about blogging.  I loved going back through all the old photos just now, I must do a better job at capturing more of our everyday lives this year.

Ok, onto 2015...

I must let you know that Jason started these cars literally the day before the weigh-in, lock your car up due date.  Yikes!  Life is has been ultra crazy.  There has not been a moment to sit, not a moment to make fine-tuned fancy cars.  But, he pulled it off, with minutes to spare the two beauties made it into the weigh-in last Saturday evening.

Sydney's car - #68 - 'Not so Mellow Yellow':

Brooke's car - #18 - 'Night fury':

As a side note, I must thank the lovely Connie ( for letting me borrow her awesome 50mm lens. I was complaining to her how I had sold my lens that worked so well for the derby race and she did not hesitate for one second to bring me her lens to use for the night...thanks Connie!  I had fun testing it out, and it takes great pics :).

Here we have the coveted trophies, what every little Girl Scout longs to win...

I just love this pic of one of our buddies after her car won the first race.  Go Kaleigh!

And my girl with her buds, watching anxiously as the cars are selected to race...

Sydney's was our first family car to race.

It took off fast...

...and won!  You can see Syd rather non-chalant in the background.  She's used to winning...ha...and, she didn't feel too good :(

At last it was time for the awesome dragon:

It too took off fast, and won!

Brooke, though, not at all non-chalant.  She was as happy as could be - fist pump and all:

And big cheesy grins too!

So we continued through the first round of races, the cars continued to do well and win.

We giggled at the celebrations and cheesy faces...


The semi-finals.  Uh oh.  It's sister vs sister.  We can't continue having them both win 1st place in every race.  Who will win?

It was a tight race, and then ended in a big pile together...

But Sydney's car was the fastest...and the celebrating took a pause:

But thankfully in the end, both girls were in the top finishers, and both got trophies, and that made them both thrilled.  Sydney got to be the champ this year, which seems fitting after working at it for 5 years.  Congrats Syd!!

They were both winners, they both celebrated together when we got home, and are already talking about next year.

We need bigger trophy shelves...

As for Mom, well, she's pretty happy to mark one more thing complete!

If you are joining mia via the 10-on-10 circle, thank you!  You probably arrived thanks to Luciane Steiner I hope you'll continue along to our next amazing photographer, Connie.

I'll see you next month!

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