10-on-10 for June - All softball

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
My younger daughter is playing all-star softball, my husband is her coach, so at the moment our lives are ALL softball!  They practice every day, and play tournaments on the weekends.  We have just two weeks left, and amazingly we're wishing it would continue.  She is loving every minute, and I am having the best time watching her improve every week.  

Therefore, for this month's 10-on-10, I bring to you some softball action!

I think what makes this season is so fun is that Brooke is pitching, and she's doing SO well, it's exciting to watch.  Last tournament she pitched two full games, and struck out 20 batters!  It really was incredible.

She gets herself set & focused...

She throws a strike...

and another...

and a third...she's out!

Then her team comes to give her love ... it's so sweet...

Her batting has come a long way too.  She takes it very seriously.

Of course Brooke is just one of a full team of all-stars, and I'm not only having fun watching them play, and win games, but also taking so many fun pictures, and being able to share them with families who appreciate them so much.  The girls have all come so far in the last 4 weeks, we're already talking about how fun next year will be!

Thanks for reading and letting me brag for a few minutes :).  Go Scripps!  

Please continue on the fun blog circle, by visiting Kathleen Ries.  Perhaps she spent some time in Boston?

I'll see you again next month!


  1. Wow, what great form she has! She looks like an awesome pitcher! I love all these action shots. I bet she will have a bright future in softball. Enjoy the next two weeks! Go Scripps!!

  2. Awesome action pictures! They look like pros playing! Go Scripps!

  3. So cute! Awesome shots of your girls in action! What form they have!! You did a great job!

  4. Fabulous pictures, I love the depth of field in several of them. Such a good job. My favorite is number two from the top. This looks like lots of fun and a lot of hard work. Well done.

  5. What fun action shots, your daughter is so lucky to have you capture these great memories for her!

  6. I love these shots and it is so exciting to see young girls working so hard at a sport. Great job.


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