10-on-10 October - 10 new friends!

Saturday, October 10, 2015
How can it be October?  It was just June the other day, and my poor blog has been neglected!  Well, I'm back, and with a fun set of pictures to share about our ten new family chicks!

My Dad has a decent amount of property, and he's had chicken coops for years, from chickens he had over 20 years ago.  He mentioned once to my girls that he wanted to get some chicks and they asked him just a few (million) times when those chicks were coming...they are finally here!  They were just two weeks old in this picture, and oh so, so cute!  

There are many things our Papa is great at, but being meticulous is not one of them.  The first day we went to meet the chicks we discovered a little problem...

They were too tiny, and could walk right out of the coop Papa had for them!  We found these cute tiny chicks just exploring the yard.  Yikes!

So, we spent the first day baby-proofing the chicken cage, we think the chicks are all safe & secure now.  Whew!  

My girls are in love, and my big girl decided to start some notes about the chickens and their behaviors.  The girls sat for quite some time coming up with these notes.  I thought it was so cute.

So there is a quick preview of our newest chicken family members!  It'll be fun to see how fast they grow and how quickly they change.  Thankfully Papa lives just 5 minutes away, the girls are anxious to visit often!

Thank you for stopping by my blog!  Be sure to follow the circle and visit Bonnie, to see what she is up to.  Happy October!  I'll see you again in November!

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