The terrible threes

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
It's busy season!  I'm having a blast with all of my clients and their family holiday pictures.  I've had the pleasure of watching so many of them grow up over the years, many mature and make my job pretty easy, but others really make me work for my money. These beyond adorable twin three year olds are my toughest subjects all year.  Not only are they beyond active, they speak three languages at home, so the communication is tough.  I swear when one looks right, the other looks left.  When one sits, the other stands, in perfect opposite unison.  Last year, when they were two, my body was sore after their hour long session.  This year, it was a small fraction easier.  I'm thinking next year, at 4, we'll have this down!

Regardless of the challenges, I had SO much fun with these cuties, and Mom was thrilled with the results.  There's nothing better than a happy client who sends more clients your way!

When I left the session I wasn't sure what I had captured, I just kept on working and clicking, pulling out every trick I had.  Last year the girls were making faces, looking opposite ways, etc...but the pics were still adorable and Mom loved them.  I had some of that this year...

But, when I downloaded the pics I was thrilled to see so many amazing, adorable, smiling shots!

Last year we had none with the whole family looking and smiling, so this was a big accomplishment this year:

Then, after the fun with those two three year olds, the very next family had another three year old, three in one day!  This one was NOT interested in taking pictures :)

She made us work hard, and, umm...pick our noses...but hey, whatever it takes to make happy kiddos!  I'll share more from this adorable family soon.  

Be sure to continue the fun monthly blog circle by visiting Bonnie's blog.  It's fun reading and following all of the sites, and honestly, it's what keeps me blogging at the moment!

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